Emma Bunton Expecting Baby No. 2!

Baby Spice is having another baby!

Emma Bunton took to Twitter today to announce that she and partner Jade Jones are expecting their second child together.

So our family grows. We are SO excited to announce we’re having our 2nd baby and Beau’s wish for a brother or sister has come true!”

The 34-year-old former Spice Girl recently talked about wanting another baby. “We’re going to start trying for another one soon,” Emma said. “I hope I fall pregnant nice and quick.”

The new addition — who is due in May — will join big brother Beau, 3.

Congratulations to the Bunton-Jones family!

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  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Baby Spice.

  • mackenzie


  • Giuliana

    awwww that is amazing! That is a wonderful family! Congrats to them!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Love her.

  • Anonymous

    How bout she announce that they’re giving their daughter a stable home and proper morals by getting married instead of continuing to have kids out of wedlock. She’s basically his baby mama and they’re simply bf and gf. He can leave at any point and they can break up like any bf and gf. At least with marriage, it’s a lot harder for either spouse to leave cause that’s a real committment. Not to mention you would have to pay money to get unhitched as opposed to sending a text or a phone call saying you’re done.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t a relationship column and I highly doubt you are in any position to hand out advice.

    • BobaFett

      Sure because by not getting married they’re not suitable to be parents… Wake up lady and pull your head out of your butt! It’s the 21st century, it’s alright to have kids and not to get married.
      Can’t blame Emma and Jade for not wanting to get married. Just by looking at her former band mates it’s easy to see why they’ve decided not to get married. Yet. And by the looks of it, they’re truly happy just as they are and so is their SON.

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