Mario Lopez Wants More Kids Right Away

Sure Mario Lopez and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza just welcomed their daughter Gia Francesca 8 short weeks ago, but the Extra host says he’s already anxious to expand his brood. Although, he might want to check with Courtney first.

“I definitely want more kids. I’d love three or four, to be honest,” Mario said in an interview airing Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And Courtney? “She’s like, one at a time,” Lopez admits. “She’s cool with that. She definitely wants them, but I kind of want them right away, and that’s where we have our differences.”

The reason Mario’s anxious to start right away: he and his siblings were born one right after the other. “I was raised close in age,” he says. “When there is too much of a gap … I don’t know, I just think it would be cooler.”

When asked if he planned to marry Courtney soon, Mario was a little more vague. “If she’ll have me. The jury is still out on whether she wants to keep me,” he laughed. “She is, at least, stuck with me … because of the baby.”

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Photo credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


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  1. lily

    Mario loves the media attention. Always showing off baby Gia. He’s not even A- Lister celebrity pretty sad he had to use his daughter so people can pay attention to him. he so vain .

  2. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t he marry her first then think about another kid?

  3. Julia725

    I agree about the attention thing. Seriously? Taking your new baby onto a talk show? A little tacky.

    But why does he have to marry her? A lot of my friends with kids are unmarried and happier than the married ones. People need to get over the baby=marriage idea.

  4. Anonymous

    Julia725 wants to know why he should marry her??? Why SHOULDN’T he marry her? I don’t give a rat’s ass about your friends. If your friends decide to get knocked up and crap out illegitimate kids….that’s their problem. I guess along with you, they weren’t taught morals/values growing up. You know the old saying, why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free.

    • Anonymous

      Why shouldn’t he marry her? Maybe because it isn’t any of your business?

      Sorry, but your version of “morals/values” aren’t what everyone believes in, and not everyone believes marriage is necessary. And the term “illegitmate” has no meaning anymore, except to nosy, obnoxious busybodies like you. Legally, a child has the same rights whether or not its parents are married.

    • Julia725

      Being in a committed relationship isn’t an example of “why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free”. Why do they need to get married if they are happy and satisfied not? And I would think that one of your “morals” would be not judging people based on their personal choices, especially when you don’t even know them.

  5. Sunny Sue

    I agree – too soon to be parading this teeny-tiny baby out on stage with the noise and the lights. It’s just not right. I’m sorry. And Mario is quickly losing points with me [not that he gives a rats ass what I think ;O) ]

  6. Anonymous

    I do think it’s odd that he brought his 2 month old baby on a talk show. Yes you bring her with you; but she stays in the dressing room with the Nanny or someone you trust. You just bring a few pictures to show the audience.

    Sadly; it does sound like he’s using this baby to boost his career and stay in the media more. I.E. their show “Saved by the Baby”

  7. Guest

    Mario has to always the center of attention, so it is no surprise he is exposing his baby to the spotlight. Anything to get himself on camera as well. Did he really have to take off his shirt in the magazine story?
    He said it perfectly regarding Courtney: the new show is a platform for her. I mean she had the surgery for him, now he’s trying to make her a star in CA.

  8. Guest

    Could Courtney’s dress be any shorter on Ellen? Any shorter and she would be showing her rear…..

  9. Dina

    So sick of these two. Sick of Courtney’s breasts hanging out of every outfit and her constant stupid poses. Sick of Mario when he kissed her tummy all the time. Courtney may have been a broadway star but she has yet to make it in Hollywood.
    Mario is a serial cheater. He will never change. He will keep her pregnant and at home while he travels and has fun, fun fun…..and he will probably NEVER marry her.

  10. Katie

    $$$$$$ all the way to the bank said Courtney……

  11. Diane

    I thought Mario asked Courtney to marry him in the hospital after the birth.

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