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@alilandry Oh oh, Estela just got into the Halloween candy again

@brookeburke I’m home today, shooting a commercial with the kids. Malibu Sherifs just showed up. Oops, forgot about the city permits.

@Busyphilipps25 You know what, guy in Starbucks glaring at my daughter singing and jumping? Get a real office. Cause turns out, Starbucks isn’t…

@moonfrye Should I be a little embarrassed that I am totally sore from mommy and me dance? Can barely move.

@michellebranch Spent the day at the Natural History Museum with Owen. She talked about dinos for hours. Then home to watch Toy Story 3. What a great movie!

@DENISE_RICHARDS Got girls off to school.. Time for Pilates! Did anyone catch Blue Mt State last night?? I’m in next week’s episode!!

@Bethenny Bryn is eating food!first sweet potatoes, then butternut bananas.she gobbles it up like a sweet to watch.LOVE!

@MellyJHart Was hoping for my first Brad Pitt sighting last night but he just waved in the back of the theatre in the dark. Oh well!

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  • mackenzie

    Estela is adorable

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