Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Cover ‘W’ Magazine

Gorgeous pair! Katherine Heigl channels old Hollywood glamor alongside her adorable daughter Naleigh, 23 months, who made her modeling debut on the December cover of W magazine’s family issue. The 31-year-old Grey’s Anatomy alum opens up about welcoming her sweet girl “three of four days” before starting work on Life as We Know It, her reasons for choosing adoption, and her adjustment to motherhood.

On adjusting to motherhood: “You have this empathy suddenly – this compassion for a mother going through anything complicated or difficult with a child. It’s something that I understand now – that unbelievable drive and instinct to protect.”

On her sister being adoption from Korea: “My sister is Korean. I hope one day she and Naleigh will be able to talk about what it’s like to be adopted.”

On beginning Life as We Know It at the same time of the adoption: “I was about to play a woman who inherits a baby, and I was experiencing the exact same thing.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I LOVE her and Naleigh is beautiful.

  2. mackenzie

    naleigh is adorable beautiful picture.

  3. carolyn Robertson

    Beautiful picture!

  4. Anonymous

    Her daughter is reaching for her but she seems oblivious-a better situation would be her acknowledging the little hand reaching for her.

  5. Anonymous

    I love her and thinks it’s a beautiful picture. This picture is one in a series of hundreds taken that day, I’m sure she acknowledged her daughters hand, and I’m sure that she didn’t pick which photo made the cover.

  6. Sunny Sue

    As a photog myself, I have to say, my initial reaction was, ‘this is the best shot they got all day? I’d call that a failure.’ But they’re both beautiful and the baby is precious.

  7. Anonymous

    Katherine is gooorgeous.

  8. Alma

    Katherine appears very sad. Agree with Sunny Sue about the failure. Again another PR for the mother (just like J.Low)

  9. Anonymous

    I’m not sure why people are so quick to cricitize a magazine cover, when the model(s) have no control over the intended look. This was a job for Katherine and her baby; just as it is for other celebrities. They don’t get to dictate the overall mood of the shoot; that never happens. W Magazine is not your typical commercial look; it’s more high fashion and the posing is more serious. Now if this was a family photoshoot, then yes, you can say whatever you want. But at the end of the day, this was still another modeling project for her.

  10. Shirilicious

    This woman is using her kid to promote herself and her career. Blech!
    Katherine’s nasty attitude started to stall her career so now poor Nayleigh has to help out in order to show what wonderful mommy K is.

    • Alma

      Shiri, totally agree!
      I cant stand her since that time she mentioned that her reason to leave Greys anatomy was because she wanted to focus more on the family (the cast couldnt stand her and her arrogance), and there she went straight to making movie after movie. Can you say hypocrite?

      • Anonymous

        Went straight to making movie after movie? Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy she’s filmed exactly one movie: One For the Money, last summer. So yes, indeed, she’s had a lot more time to spend with her family than she did while filming Grey’s Anatomy. Get your facts straight.

  11. Dpantelis

    Although I admire Katherine Heigl, I think, generally speaking, it is really bad to use kids to promote your career. This is negative for her.


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