Ricky Martin Picked Egg Donor Based On Good Vibes

Ricky Martin has revealed how he chose the egg donor of his twins, Mateo and Valentino, now two-years-old.

Explaining the process to Access Hollywood he said, “I sat in front of the computer and I started searching. It definitely was a very beautiful journey.”

He says he knows what the donor looks like adding, “Yeah, it’s in the computer, you sit down for hours and look at different profiles.”

When asked what made him choose the particular donor Ricky replied, “It’s a vibe thing, you know. In this case, it was like, I feel something in her eyes and her smile. Then you read the profile and you read her letter, and where she goes to school and she’s very beautiful. And she is smart as well.”

The Puerto Rican singer also reminisced how special the day was when his twin sons were born.

“I was just waiting for that phone call. It was like, ‘OK, any time now. Any time now,’” Ricky recounted. “Was I nervous? Yes, I was nervous. I received a phone call ‘You’re gonna be a daddy today, OK?’ Get in the car and drive to the hospital and I was not in the delivery room, but I was in the little room next to it so I could hear…the first cry.

“I went to my room and the nurse gave them to me and I started holding them and I was like, ‘This is amazing. I mean, it feels incredible. There is… There is a God. This is miraculous and they do look like me.”

Meanwhile the twins are keeping him busy. Ricky says he’s a “hands on!” dad.

“Everyday I change the diapers. I wake them up. I put them to sleep. I feed them. I bathe them… I sing to them.”

He says he wrote his new memoir Me for his children.

“The only agenda that I have with my book is to create a very beautiful, solid relationship with my children and 10, 15 years from now, my children will read this book and they will say, ‘Daddy, I get it. I know who you are. I know what you went through and I know where you’ve been and it’s — and I’m very proud of you.”

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  • Anonymous

    I’m very happy for him and I’m sure he is a fantastic father. Every time you see pictures of him with the twins, you can see that they are a genuinely happy family.

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