Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Divide Duties

Actress Jennifer Garner spent a day out with her youngest daughter Seraphina, 1 1/2, while big sister Violet, 4, hung out in with her Daddy Ben Affleck (November 6).

The Gone Baby Gone director picked up his preschooler in Santa Monica, California before heading to the Brentwood Country Mart to get some sweet treats from Edelweiss Chocolates.

Meanwhile, Jen and Sera ran a few errands at Gelson’s Market in Pacific Palisades before visiting a horse farm in Los Angeles. Fun!

Jennifer must be happy to have her handsome husband back at home – he’s been busy working on a new film in Oklahoma in recent weeks.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures, Fame Pictures

  • Pauline

    Love the whole Affleck family! So glad to see Ben be home with his girls. Both little Vi & Sera are beyond adorable.

  • emily

    I’ve never seen Ben hold seraphina .he always holding violet. When we see the whole family together. Ben seems to hold violet. I guess violet is Ben favorite child. yet we see Jennifer hold/carried violet and seraphina.

    • Anonymous

      Funny how sisters are – sometimes they look just alike (like the in the above two photos the firls’ expressions are just alike) sometimes one favors one parent over the other and they look different. Violet and Sera are like my sisters and me in that way. HOpe they grow up just as close. BTW Emily, in a lot of families the mom holds the youngest and the dad the oldest — maybe because they’re stronger? Here’s a pic from when Sera was 19 months if you’ve never seen a pic:

    • Anonymous

      If you click the Ben Affleck tag of CBS, you can find Ben take care of Sera a lot, including holding her.

    • Ella Winter

      Perhaps Jen finds it difficult to carry Violet, seeing that she is almost 5 and when Violet sees her mom carrying her baby sister she might want to be lifted as well. Ben is (most likely) much stronger than Jen and carrying a very long 5 years old would be easier for him.

  • Anonymous

    Cute girls! But Violet really inherited mom’s dumbo ears, huh? well, she’s still cute.. those dimples are gorgeous 🙂

  • Anonymous

    violet is like THIS close to kicking ben in the nuts in the second to last picture.

  • Tazina

    Violet’s ears are cute just like Willow Smith’s are……but….if they don’t like them, a short surgery in later life would take care of the problem. It’s really not worth mentioning, people, if you’re looking to say something negative.

  • Anonymous

    Sera seems to be fearless (very typical of a second child). She loves to break-away and run off on her own( so cute). Vi is very brave only when she is being held by mom or dad. She flirts with the paps and even scolds and teases them, but she is really afraid of them when she is on her own. (you can see her fear if you look closely).

    I remember when she first became aware of them, how terrified she was. Sera learned from watching her sister react to them and has never shown much fear even from the beginning.

    I just think both girls are adorable and a perfect mix of both parents.They are a cute little family.

  • Anonymous

    Ben is soooo handsome! They are Hollywood royalty like Brad and Angelina and their girls are beautiful.

  • sam

    sooooo…. why are they hanging out with the kids but not each other? he’s been away on a movie shoot for weeks, she’s stuck in LA because of violet’s school schedule etc… but they both have a free day and they choose to spend it far apart?? could things get any rockier between these two?

    • anonymous

      That’s a really stupid comment. Maybe, there priority is to care for the kids first and then find time alone when the girls are in bed? I say, that’s good parenting. Some people , like you sam, see one pic and immediately have to make a negative comment. maybe, your jealous???

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Ben picked up Violet from school on FRIDAY afternoon, they stopped off at Brentwood Country Mart and picked up chocolate. Jen and Sera went to the market on SATURDAY.

      Both trips probably took what a couple hours at the most. So, what were they doing the rest of the time? Too bad, the paps could not get pics of them during the other times.

      Also, Jen and the girls spent last weekend in Oklahoma with Ben. Sam, if I didn’t know better, I would think that you are somehow wishing this family could split up. Would that make you happy? What’s in it for you?

      Their marriage is rocky because the tabloids said so? Use your head and try being rational otherwise, people would think you have a vivid imagination or that you are bored and need to entertain your self speculatling on the state of the lives of total strangers.

  • Anonymous

    Violet is way too long and large to be carried like she’s an infant. Paps or not, many other celeb children walk along side their parents. This is getting ridiculous. Are they going to carry her around when she’s 18 and 6 feet tall?

  • Brooke

    Everyone needs to relax. The girls always look very happy so obviously the parents are doing something right.

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