David Boreanaz’s Williams-Sonoma Weekend

Actor David Boreanaz and family were all smiles while out shopping at Williams-Sonoma in Calabasas, California yesterday (November 6). Bella Bardot is getting so big! The adorable tot celebrated her first birthday at the end of August.

Things seem to be going well for David and his wife Jaime these days. Earlier this year the Bones star publicly admitted to having cheated, saying, “Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.”

The pair, who are also parents to 8-year-old son Jaden, decided to try to work things out with Jaime saying that she was “still angry,” but that “divorce is not an option.”

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Photo credit: KAMA/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    On Twitter Jaime said they renamed Bardot to Bella Bardot Vita. (or Bella Vita Bardot… can’t remember the order!)

    • carolyn Robertson

      Thanks for the info, anonymous! 🙂 I’ve fixed it.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her for trying to work things out, I’d have kicked his ass all the way to New York…. I wonder if he can really keep it in his pants next time he goes clubbing..

  • Anonymous

    New York doesn’t want him; you can keep him.

  • sarahwillow

    David discust me! Jamie don’t believe him “betrayer once betrayer forever”

  • Anonymous

    Sarahwillow, first of all the word is “disgusts” and second once a betrayer, not always a betrayer. Many of my friends (male and female) whored around in their marriages and once they got caught, put effort into the relationships and stopped whoring. Maybe David just needed to get caught? Sometimes that’s all it takes.

    • Anonymous

      Except that David has been doing this to Jaime for years. This wasn’t just a one-time thing and he did it to his first wife, too. That’s not a mistake, that’s a habit. It’s a pattern of behavior with him.

  • Blue

    Soooo glad they changed their daughter’s name!
    Bella is awfully popular but it’s so much better than BARDOT! Bardot makes a nice middle name though.

  • Blue

    Oh, and Bardot looks so much like Jaden!

  • jessie

    Poor little girl her parents can’t even decide what to call her. Bella is the popular vamipire name these days so not surprised Angel wanted to do it.
    Wife is fool for keeping him. She gave him a license to cheat. He has cheated throughout the whole marriage so this is really nothing new for her its just that its so public. Poor kids…she’s a bad role model…doormat.
    She probably wants to keep the money coming. They never seem to have any connection when photos are taken of them unless they are at a red carpet event. Smiles seem phoney. Lets so how long they last when he’s not on a TV show.

  • bella

    If he loved his family he would have not cheated and lied to them. And if she is stupid enough to stay with him then they deserve each other.
    One big hollywood disfunctional family. When he’s caught with his pants down again…..maybe she will have enought respect for her self and find a man who truly loves her.

  • Stan

    I would be all smiles too if I could screw around on the wife and she sticks around. What a great deal he has. The wife at home, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the family unit….and he can do whatever and whoever he wants. Great arrangement he has. Does the wife have a sister?

  • janet

    Keep reading she shows up at his work while he’s filming. I would too considering the sex suit with the extra. And you’ll notice when he’s out the wife is not far behind. Guess the trust is just not there yet…and may never be. But I would think she would tire of being the babysitter she already has two kids at home…now she’s got three. Get rid of him honey.

  • ella

    Ever notice she always wears boots. And her kids do too. She’s got a thing for them. Hey I may be aging myself here but take a lesson from Nancy Sinatra..and “these boots are made for walking” Walk on out of that dogs life.

  • Emily

    Ever since Bardot was first born, they were calling her Bella. They’ve legally changed her name to Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz.

    • Anonymous

      Cool thanks!

  • Lara

    His wife is not the innocent victim. The press is chastizing him and victimizing her but she knows better and admitted in People Mag they were living separate lives a couple of years ago.
    When he met her, she was a Playboy playmate who fooled around at the Mansion, made explicit Playboy videos and stuff, and hung around with Hefner and Howard Stern. She got pregnant 4-5 months into their relationship and they got married. The second time, she got pregnant during their marital crisis. Deliberate much? Only they know.
    They both knew who they were when the met and still got married. They know each other and decided to stick together.
    Even if it doesn’t work out in the long run, more power to them for acknowledging both their mistakes and for trying to stay together as a family. They obviously love their children. Maybe they’re wiser now and it could work out.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it could work out in the long run, since David’s been cheating on Jaime for years and she’s basically giving him a license to cheat. Staying together for the kids is not always the best idea. A lot of times, it does more harm than good actually. So while I understand their reasoning, I can’t say ‘more power to them.’ I think that’s the most ridiculous reason to stay together in the world. Kids know when things are wrong. They pick up on it.

  • What does it matter

    Just wish all those oh so innocent hypocrites would look slightly more at their own failures before they judge on other people’s lives. No one has the right to judge without proper knowledge of a situation and people if famous or not deserve respect and privacy.

  • Cinders

    I often wondered about if they go married because of the pregnancy and yeah I had a felling that here was a lot more to the story. I mean she had to know that he has a past of cheating I mean his first marriage ended because of cheating, and yeah not to put down the models in PB but HELLO is that a surprise if she was a little promiscuous???

    I think that they knew the relationship was more based on the child then their love. I think that “strong basis” that hey are focusing on in their marriage is their children and not their relationship especially if there is no trust bt yeah look for this relationship to be done if she is visiting the set a lot that was the last straw in his previous marriage if I do recall.

    • Anonymous


      Completely agree with this. I too think their marriage is mostly based on their children, but I honestly can’t see this lasting that much longer. David’s marriage to his wife was actually pretty much over by the time he went over to Angel. They’d been separated for months already, but she did still visit him onset. She didn’t leave him, though (she was cheating on him as well). He left her.

  • dannie

    He’s a cheat and shes a fool….kids or no kids they deserve each other and everyone should let them alone.

  • valle

    He’s a cheat BECAUSE his wife is a whore. He did the right thing and married her when she got pregnant in order to get him. He thought marriage with a fun(a.k.a. sex)loving gal would be great. It wasn’t. The relationship went stale. She stopped talking to him. And not just talking. So he started looking in other places. Maybe thought about divorcing her. The desperate wife freaked out and… surprise surprise!! she got pregnant. Again. To keep him. She cheated on him first by getting pregnant for a wedding band. She cheated again by getting pregnant a second time to keep him. He cheated on her by f…..g other women. She got what she deserved.

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