John Travolta Reveals Baby Name

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have reportedly revealed the name of their soon-to-be born baby boy: It’s Benjamin!

John, 56, revealed to Star the baby’s name and said that Kelly, 48, is due to give birth in three weeks. The proud papa is in Australia to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Qantas airline. He flew his personal Boeing 707 to Sydney for the event.

John and Kelly are already parents to daughter Ella, 10. They lost their 16-year-old son Jett after he suffered a fatal seizure in January 2009.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • mhm90

    I doubt Kelly is even pregnant.. They are probably using a surrogate.

    • Anonymous

      havent we seen kelly with her baby bump?

      • mhm90

        Its a fake pregnancy belly..

        • anonymous

          What is your problem? A fake pregnancy? Oh, please! I’m happy for them. It must be beyond difficult for them to lose a child, hopefully having this baby will help with the healing process. As for the name, It’s adorable! Your post is beyond rude!

          • mhm90

            I dont have a problem.. So what is your problem? I cant be happy for them because I cant mention that she is probably wearing a fake belly and that they are using a surrogate? Its not rude. You are rude.

          • mhm90

            cant be happy for them because I mentioned that she is probably wearing a fake belly and that they are using a surrogate*

  • JMO

    Kelly is indeed pregnant.
    And yay for Benjamin, such a normal name, thank goodness!

  • Anonymous

    can’t they just announce the name when the baby is actually here?
    especially since its 3/4 days

  • Anonymous

    JT said in a TV interview in Sydney on Nov 5 that his new baby boy was due in 20 days and would be named Benjamin.

  • blair

    aww, i thought they’d pick a more unique name. jett was a great name.

  • mackenzie

    I don’t really like the name Benjamin,but at least its a normal name.

  • Carrie

    Love the name! Especially since thats my sons name haha

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Mackenzie – I don’t like the name Benjamin either but it’s a normal name and not something stupid.

  • Anonymous

    At the beginning of October (at a film premier) she looked huge, like she was due then. It’s hard to believe she could go another three weeks before having the baby. I would have thought she’d have had it in October.

  • Sophia

    I think Benjamin’s a lovely name. Not so fond of Ben, which they’ll probably shorten it too, but it’s their son and I’m so happy for them to have this happiness after so much sadness. I wonder if they’ll give him Jett as a middle name?

  • Anonymous

    ehhh..they could have picked something cuter, I think.

  • It’s my birthday today!

    I am happy for them, it must be very exciting. I think Benjamin is an intelligent name. That’s my opinion.

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