Julie Bowen’s Sunday Stroll

Modern Family star Julie Bowen took time out for a stroll in Studio City, California today with her 1-year-old twins Gus and John (November 7). Big brother Oliver, 3, wasn’t with them on their outing.

The funny mom-of-of-three recently dished on why she feels right at home in a family full of boys.

People always tell me I have a lot of guy energy. I’m less comfortable in stilettos than I am in running shoes. I’m managing to keep up with my three boys pretty well, but the 3-year-old is starting to be obsessed with his man parts, and that’s a revelation.”

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Photo credit: ROME/GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    Cute babies, especially the one on the right. But Gus? What a horrible name!

  2. LeeLee

    As a mom of 3 boys, I can relate to her. It’s fun but BUSY!

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