Jon Bon Jovi Says Family Kept Him Sane

Still married to his high school sweetheart and scandal-free after a 25-year career, Jon Bon Jovi gives credit to his wife Dorothea and their four children for helping him to avoid the pitfalls of fame.

The ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ singer tells Scotland’s The Daily Record that there was a time early in his career when he could have very easily veered down the wrong path.

“I remember the burnout. It was terrible. I went from being a 25-year-old kid in a rock band to head of a corporation…. I crashed physically and mentally. My wife said, ‘You gotta stop.’ I was driving on the Pacific Coast highway on my way to see a shrink. I felt like jumping out of the moving car and I’d have been killed. I’m NOT exaggerating.

“I got to the shrink’s office 45 minutes late for an hour-long appointment. Much as I wanted to cry on the guy’s shoulder I didn’t have enough time left in my consultation. So I became Jon Bon Jovi from New Jersey again. I said, ‘Do you know what. Go f*** yourself. I don’t need you to fix me up. I’ll figure it out.'”

In the end he did figure it out, thanks to Dorothea and their kids Stephanie Rose, 17, Jesse James, 15, Jacob, 8, and Romeo, 6.

“God blessed me. I had a wife who loved me and a family to go home to. As tired and burnt-out as I was, I’m no quitter. There was no way I was gonna die. I’m still here,” the 48-year-old Grammy-winner says. “My health and my family are the core of my being. Without my wife and kids I’d be a dead man. It’s a beautiful privilege to still be doing what I’m doing. A dream come true.”

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