Pink Is Pregnant!

Alecia Moore – better known as Pink – is going to be a mother!

The spunky 31-year-old singer and her husband Carey Hart, 35, are currently expecting their first child, a source tells Us: “She’s 12 weeks along. She wanted to do it between tours, when she has some time off.”

According to the source, after Pink and Carey’s separation in 2008 (and reunion in 2010), “Pink was determined to make the relationship solid”.

Now she’s really happy, and she’s excited she got pregnant so fast! She’ll be a brilliant mother.

In May, Pink opened up to Cosmopolitan about the possibility of starting and family: “At this point, we’re still trying not to, but I can’t wait to not try not to.”

Congrats to Pink and Carey!

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  1. Annie Bananie

    YAY! I’m so happy for her! I love her and I’ve been rooting for her couple!

  2. Anonymous

    omg yaaaay! why am i so excited about this?? lol.

  3. Sunny Sue

    I’m a tad nervous about this since she and Hart seem to have a very tumultuous on-again/off-again relationship AND she just gave an interview where she spoke out about her feelings on physically abusing your children and how she’s all for it [WTH??] but whatever. Congrats.

  4. courtney

    congrats to Pink and Carey on impending parenthood though the supposed source jumped the gun. 3 months is 13 weeks not 12. hopefully nothing goes wrong

  5. Anonymous

    Save all your Congrats until you know that Pink is actually pregnant this come from a “source” from US weekly which has said that several other celebrities were pregnant this month alone and they weren’t its rumor a not fact because she has not confirmed any think.

  6. Anonymous

    Hope its true, they are a fab couple. It seems they separated, stayed in touch and then reunited, this hardly qualifies as tumultuous.

  7. jen

    She should totally name it ‘BLUE’!!! I saw Pink yrs ago open for Lenny Kravitz, and i was absolutely amazed of what a show she put on!! You go girl!!!!!

  8. Jennifier

    had the pleasure of seeing him in Memphis, TN at The Pyramid back in 1998. It is a concert that I will never forget tickets from were great and I have been a GB fan from the day I heard The Dance… I will be a fan til the day I die.

  9. Anonymous

    I LOVE Her! I would be so excited if this story was true. I think she would make an awesome mother and they would make beautiful kids.

  10. JMO

    that’s awesome!! So happy for her!! I know it’s wierd I kinda can’t imagine her w/ a little baby. But I think she’ freakin rock!

  11. Anonymous

    don’t get me wrong, i love Pink and her music…but i just don’t see her as “motherly” or the “maternal” type. sorry.

  12. Jazzy

    I hope it’s not true but if it is, good luck for the child

    Pink and Carey do not look and act like they’re commited to the cause of parenthood. Hopefully things will change for better.
    Pink has bad relationship with her family, her mother wasn’t a very good one. I hope she makes a better mother.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s been CONFIRMED people! Jillian Barberie who is friends with P!nk said tweeted on her OFFICIAL twitter page: “Hey @Pink I’m sooooo happy for you lady!!! Congrats on baby!! Ps. You know your man whispered it to us at dinner. See I CAN keep a secret!!” So…..I’m pretty sure this rumour is thumbs up CONFIRMED 😀

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