Carys Douglas: School Run With Grandma

Catherine Zeta Jones’ mother, Patricia, was seen taking 7-year-old Carys to school in New York City on Thursday morning (November 11).

Dressed up warm in a pink winter jacket, Carys held her grandmother’s hand in the chilly weather.

Last month Catherine had to leave husband Michael Douglas at home while she flew to China to play in a golf tournament. She said to the press, “It’s business as usual for our family.”

The actor has recently completed radiation and chemotherapy treatment for throat cancer.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Holy Pink! Grandma doesn’t look too happy.

  • Tazina

    This child is not a celebrity.

  • arianna

    Anon you really need to stop with the Catharine doesn’t cook for her children you mentioned every time there is a post onCatherine. I’m pretty sure not all celebrity mom cook for their child/children . I think shes a good mother from the pictures I seen of the family.

  • Anon

    arianna, I cannot help it if she says it herself . LOL. I have never even posted that before ! maybe other people read it too. doh. It is a shame that all moms are not as great as Jennifer Garner is. At least, her beautiful daughters laugh and smile. They are well adjusted happy iels. Carys looks morose poor little thing.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently my last comment was deleted, so I’ll have to just change the way I said it. I sure hope you’re not trying to be serious because it’s not working. If you ARE being serious, you must have some mommy issues or something, you should look into some help for that.

      • Anonymous

        And if that one gets deleted, Anon, it’s obviously you “reporting” them. Grow up and take my comments with a grain of salt. If your mom never cooked you dinner, that is NOT CZJ’s fault nor is the fact that even if your mom wasn’t a good mom for it, doesn’t mean CZJ’s kids don’t have a good mother.

  • Anon

    typo well adjusted *girls

  • Tazina

    People in their world don’t have to cook. It’s no big deal. Heck, if I had the money, maybe I’d hire someone to cook my meals too. In fact, I know I would and love it. I’m sure CZJ does just fine as a mom.

  • Nikki

    Hey you “Anonymous” when you really love your children you want to nurture them. And Catherine Zeta Jones smoked while pregnant!!!!!! That is a sin to do to your unborn child!!! You sound like you all have dysfunctional family lives, like Catherine did dancing on tables at 12 for men!! And her dad made her do it.
    She has zero education and is defensive.
    I pity your neglected unloved children. Cooking is a sign of motherly love!!!

  • Audrey

    I could have cared less if my mom cooked as long as we ate and I felt loved. My kids could have cared less if I cooked or we ate out as long as they ate and they always speak as if they felt loved. I think there are other things that show maternal love more. Such as one on one attention, outward affection, time spent together playing and, and other bonding activities. Not whether I was seen manning the kitchen.

  • Donna Ross

    Don’t listen to others! Kids want to be with you and want to know what is going on….be truthful with them. It is hard! My father had what Michael has what my dad had and I just made sure he had the best death possible…..if that is possible. Ignore the others, God will help you. I wish I could tell you just what to expect, but you two are starts, I am a nurse in Cincinnati, but you can do it….Ask the nurse….God Bless you all….Donna

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