Elisabeth Rohm’s Days Are “All About Easton”

Actress Elisabeth Rohm and her 2-year-old daughter Easton August go glam in the new issue of the New York Observer’s Playground magazine. In the interview the doting mom talks about her “old soul” baby, her healthy approach to losing the baby weight and the “profound challenge” of motherhood.

On her daughter’s unique name: “Her name was going to be Grace. One night I had an epic dream when I was pregnant, about a little girl and her name was Easton. The dream was a vivid dream. I woke up the next morning, called my mom and told her about the dream. My mom said I have to name the baby Easton. She was telling me in my dream what her name should be. She’s an old soul.”

On gaining – and losing – the baby weight: “I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I was a ripe 200 pounds when I gave birth to Easton. I dove into a pint of ice cream every night, I will admit. I have to say, I was the happiest pregnant person. I was not moody, was not crazy; I was relaxed and happy. In truth, putting on the weight was healthy for me at the time. My doctor was worried that I had gained so much weight; however, he said that the body really knows what it needs to create this baby. I put on 70, 75 pounds. I had always been really active and athletic…. I honestly took my time taking off the baby weight, I breast-fed, so I am sure that helped. I went back to exercising a few months after Easton was born. I enjoyed being home with Easton and not worrying about running back to a gym, then started to do a little yoga. I approached my weight loss without a race, I took my time. If you’re happy, then you have a happy baby!”

On her average day: “I wake up between 2 and 4am, when Easton comes into my bed to say, “Mommy, I love you!” We wake up around 7am, and the day is really all about Easton. And then try and find some time for work.

I will say that finding the balance of being a mom, and being multidimensional, is such a profound challenge. I feel so blessed that I chose the right career, being an actress. I get to be on a job, and then have time when I am done with the job to be home with Easton, where I can be 100 percent with her.

We eat dinner together at 6 and we cook every meal at home. To be honest, she loves chicken nuggets and French fries. I also love the book The Sneaky Chef, and I try and sneak in spinach and broccoli. She loves her bread… bread and bananas. We’re also a fan of yogurt.”

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  • Anonymous

    little easton looks just like her daddy 🙂

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