John Travolta Ready To Fly Home For The Birth

John Travolta is gearing up for the birth of his son, even though he flew to Australia this week to help celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Quantas Airline. The actor, who recently revealed the baby’s name will be Benjamin, told Extra that he’s a little worried to be so far from his wife Kelly Preston.

“When I left, she was having what they call Braxton Hicks, the fake labor, and we were both a little worried. But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that. I think she just had a little talk with Ben and said, ‘Look, let’s wait till Dad comes home and deliver then.’ But I’m ready to go at any minute, if she started having labor now we would leave and take 22 hours to get home, but I’ll get there.”

Travolta added that Kelly’s due date is November 26. The family, including 10-year-old daughter Ella, plan to be in Maine for Christmas.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Vanessa

    I love you, John Travolta. Always have and always will. I hope you and Kelly have a beautiful healthy baby. 🙂

  • LeeLee

    Kelly is really beautiful. I hope they have a healthy baby and he helps bring them lots joy and peace.

  • Anonymous

    He has flown home for the birth. Was supposed to appear at a telethon in Perth Western Australia but didn’t make it as Kelly went into labour so he flew straight home from Brisbane.

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