Jennifer Garner & Her Breakfast Babe

Jennifer Garner toted her youngest daughter Seraphina, 1 1/2, as the pair left a breakfast date in Los Angeles, California this morning (November 12).

We’ve been seeing a lot of the beautiful Valentine’s Day star and her girls lately – just yesterday Jen was spotted taking Sera and her big sister Violet, 4, to a play date in LA.

Jennifer’s husband Ben Affleck was recently reunited with his gorgeous girls after spending some time filming his latest movie in Oklahoma.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Anonymous

    I thought Violet had big feet but so does this one. Not an attractive trait for little girls.

  • Anonymous

    to the above anon 7:05 Go crawl back into your rock.

  • Puck

    > Not an attractive trait for little girls.

    You’re absolutely right. Plain disgusting. They should definitely do something about that. Like some nice old fashioned chinese foot binding, or something.
    Big feet… ew.. gross!!


  • mackenzie

    seraphina is adorable

  • Shell

    Or cut her toes off so that she can wear shorter shoes. She must certainly be of lesser value because of her BIG feet. Really?

  • Jacqui J

    Here we go again, more stalker-ish paparazzi photos of Jennifer Garner, your daily dose. Can we give this poor woman some room to breathe instead of encouraging paps to camp out at her house every day??

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina is so freaking adorable. She looks just like her mom and big sis.

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina is so adorable. Looks a lot like mum Jennifer and big sis Violet. She already is a beauty and will sure be even more beautiful when she grows up.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous mom and daughter! Seraphina is absolutely adorable!

  • Grace

    That’s the second picture in a row I’ve seen of Jennifer Garner where she’s actually wearing clothes that fit and aren’t as ugly as what she normally wears. It’s refreshing to see. She normally dresses horribly.

  • LeeLee

    Very cute!! Love the fact that she’s a regular down to earth mom. Going by how happy those girls always look, they are benefitting from it.

  • Jacqui J

    This blog continues to erase my comments regarding the daily stalking of actress Jennifer Garner and her girls. The message to the paparazzi is: continue to shoot her in her driveway, at her kids school, and we will continue to buy your photographs.

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like it, stop viewing this blog. Every pageview you give them tells them makes it more likely they will buy the paparazzi photos. If they didn’t get the attention, there’d be no market for the photos. You may claim to be opposed to it, but you’re contributing to it.

  • Jacqui J

    Jennifer Garner pics every day?? It’s obscene! I go on this site to see a variety of people, in public places where they know they are going to be photographed, not in their driveways.

  • Anonymous

    Jacqui J: you are right. They would have enough photos for this site if they only showed those children who sit for magazine shoots, or parents who go to hollywood functions with their children to fill up their pages. You can leave the papparazzi photographs of children going to their school (the worse) or just going out as a family to dinner off the site and it would be a lot less intrusive to the chidlren. If you care about kids, you care about them getting exploited. You can’t expect the celebrity parents to sit home 24/7 for fear of papparazzi. It’s really not up to them, its up to the sites who buy the photos to make the judgments.

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