Britney Spears & Sean Preston: Frozen Yogurt Break

Britney Spears spent time with her son Sean Preston getting frozen yogurt in Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday (November 13).

The pair stopped off at Starbucks before heading over for their sweet treats at Menchie’s. Sean, 5, was so quick to dive into his chocolate flavored yogurt, he got some some on his nose and didn’t seem to care a bit.

Meanwhile Britney is back to work recording songs for her new album. On Friday she updated fans about the project on her Twitter page.

Just finished recording a monster with @TheDoctorLuke and #MaxMartin. Get ready…. -Britney”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures/Flynet Pictures/Luck Rhea/GSI Media

  • Rach

    Gorgeous legs. Is she wearing a wig or are those just really bad extensions + a bad color job?

  • Anonymous

    For all those that complained that she never holds Sean… or would they now complain that he’s too old to be held?

    Love how Sean is always smiling, looking happy and healthy. The parents may be douchebags but their kids are just so adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Adroble preston great looking

  • Moiede

    Sp Always gorgeous and good healthy

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    Oh, my God!
    The last time I have seen Britney carrying Sean Preston was when she was pregnant of Jayden James. So cutee !

  • tkwe

    he’s such a lil gentleman walking next to her 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sean so handsome gay in hollywood

  • Sean

    He’s a such a gorgeous guy but more handsome

  • Moiede

    What the wrong spelling for (ANONYMOUS AND SEAN)

  • Anonymous

    OMG!! Britney finally spend time alone with her oldest son!!!without Jayden! They look so cute together! Preston is seriously a beautiful boy!

  • Memit

    Preston it’s NOT like old the man are you jealousay for the gorgeaus bab sean are your hart breakage this system very stupid

  • Leon patricia

    Preston is Pritty and handsome boy

  • Anonymous

    And he grogeous like old man

  • Anonymous

    Sean more like dad and handsome guy

  • Love kids

    How’s jealousay ??? That funny sean so handsome big boy in all hollywood kids

  • Lol

    Sean look to far cute and he so handsome guy

  • Anonymous

    Sean so like dad he so handsome

  • Anonymous

    Preston is such a little cutie.
    It’s great seeing him with his mommy without his brother around.
    He must have had a blast!

  • Anonymous

    You can see him posing for the paparazzi, because his dad LEARNED him to!

  • Anonymous

    Now he like handsome man

  • Anonymous

    It’s the first time in 3 years that a see Britney holding Preston… Cool

  • 2year

    Good man

  • Anonymous

    Cute preston

  • Anonymous

    I love how preston is dressed. He’s a little man now, he’s so tall! And his face made me laugh, he looks funny! Great to see britney with him for once. I think he’s much cuter than Jayden! Of course, he looks like his father but in a better version! cutie <3

  • Anonymous

    britney kinda hart for the babies

  • Anonymous

    Sorry britney kinda heart for the babies

  • Blair

    what is with all the horrible grammar in these comments?? britney must be popular in foreign countries…

  • Anonymous

    The same person in these comment

    • Anonymous

      Memo to that person – good lord, please stop. One illiterate comment is enough. We don’t need to read 20 of them. No one can understand what you’re saying, anyway – it looks more like a word jumble that a coherent thought.

  • Joy

    Sean like her dad

  • Anonymous

    Nice day for him

  • Shell

    Whoever is making all those grammatically bad remarks should really just make one statement and move on. That many errors just make him or her look bad.

  • Ondine

    I love her shirt. Looks like she either slept in it or picked it up off the floor and put it on.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. The illiterate posters come out for Britney. Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Sean more like her dad and jayden mini me so mach his mama

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful little boy

  • Patic

    What this comment please delete All comment

  • Evelyn

    This is a sweet picture. I like her entire outfit as well. The only this is that I don’t know if I like the high heel shoes with those shorts. They are awesome shoes though. The boy looks absolutely adorable.




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  • sweet brown eyed child oh mi.

    you 2 mean sooo much too me
    i cant wait 2 be w/ britney and her two children
    you have my britneys beautiful brown eyes
    I LOVE anything that comes from your flesh
    you three are my life
    I hope 2 see you in a while

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