Kendra Wilkinson Is A Happy Mama

Mom-of-one Kendra Wilkinson was all smiles as she and her beautiful son Hank, 11 months, arrived at a Los Angeles, California hotel today (November 13). Kendra met up with a few friends and filmed some scenes for her reality show.

The former Playmate recently revealed her baby boy’s latest milestone: He’s walking! She took to Twitter just last night to share the news:

AHHHHH!!!!!! BABY HANK JUST TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!!! 5 IN A ROW!!!! so proud and happy!!!!!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    He’s adorable! He’s a good mix of both his parents, but I can see more of his father in him.

    • Anonymous

      REALLY?!? I swear that kid looks so much like his mom, it almost kind of scary haha. Have you not seen baby pics of Kendra? Anyway, her son is ADORABLE :]. She’s very lucky :).

      • popsykl

        i agree he is kendra all over…maybe just dads curls

    • Sam

      I guess I can see where your coming from… He has his dad’s lips.

  • mackenzie

    I can’t stand Hank jr parents but. Baby Hank is beyond adorable.

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t you stand the dad?

  • Leah

    Couldn’t care less about Kendra Wilkinson, but her little boy is beautiful!! x

  • Anonymous

    I am a mother of four beautiful children and know how wonderful it is to see your first baby walk for the first time. I have looked forward to seeing what is to come next with kendra I have watched her on tv ever since she was with heff on his show…. yay! Go kendra you are a great mom and keep doing what you do mommy cause you look great and don’t let anyone bring you down!

  • Anonymous

    such a cutie wootie chunky munky. he’s starting to look like his daddy too cute.

  • kasey

    That baby is the cutest thing, IDK what some of you people are talking about!!

    • popsykl

      i agree he is jusy lovely looking…very sweet baby

  • Reality

    Will she be introducing Hank to her porn friends when he reaches puberty? I’m guessing she’ll make sure he has a sex tape when he’s 18 so he can cash in on it later in life. Heff doesn’t do boys, does he?

  • Anonymous

    This little boy is soooooo gorgeous!

  • Anonym

    Pritty kendra she always grogeouse and cut hank

  • Tafe naif

    Hank growup to be sooo handsome man

  • Sweet

    He cute

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful child. He has Kendra’s color but I see some of his dad in him too. They made a gorgeous child.

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwwh how cute! Baby Hank is adorable! And of course Kendra is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Nathing kendra and cute boy

  • Dpantelis

    Very beautiful kid and Kendra looks very nice. She is so natural.

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