‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Talks About Living Without Her Daughter

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood says life has not been easy since her daughter went to live with her father. In an interview with Us Amber opens up about how she is coping with being away from Leah, 2, and the circumstances surrounding their separation.

The young mom says that being apart from her daughter “is the lowest of the low. Every night she’s been saying, ‘Where’s Mommy?’

“I feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I’m trying to put the pieces back together,” she says. “I have to get myself better so when I get my baby back, she sees her mom as happy as can be.”

Although it was at first thought that the child was taken away from her by Child Protective Services, she and ex-fiance Gary Shirley actually both agreed that Leah is better off living with her father for her own safety, at least for now.

“Child Protective Services agreed it was safer for her to stay at Gary’s because of all the photographers outside my house,” says Portwood, who was once investigated by police because of a physical attack on her ex.

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  • Anonymous

    Because of the photographers?! They will know how to find Gary’s house. She’s in denial once again.

    • Anonymous

      Haha exactly my thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    Ageed! And oh boy, she looks rough in the face!

    • Dolly

      Yeah. Poor girls a mess! Physically and mentally. Leah should be kept well away from her! x

  • LaceySpringwater

    No, Amber. She’s safer at Gary’s because your mentally uncapable of being in the same houshold as Leah. Photographers don’t stalk C listed reality stars; unless your Kate Gosselin.

  • JMO

    Agree. This child is in denial and needs serious help. I don’t think Gary is any kind of saint but I’ve seen the way Leah gets treated by Amber. Left in her crib to scream and cry, a strange man changing her diapers, getting yelled out bc Amber is pissed at Gary. I felt bad for Leah. I know what it’s like to grow up in an uhappy household where parents “think” they’re doing the right thing for their kids by trying to make it work. Guess what your not!

  • Julia725

    Has anyone actually seen paparazzi pics of her? She lives in INDIANA! I actually live about an hour away from her and there’s no such thing as paparazzi here. Maybe some local people taking pictures but not anything serious. I am SO glad Leah went to live with Gary. If you notice on the show, whenever he would leave Leah would run to the door or window crying for him.

  • Leah

    “Child Protective Services agreed it was safer for her to stay at Gary’s because of all the photographers outside my house.” God, this girl’s an idiot!

  • Anna

    I hope she is getting help in calming down and parenting. Watching her on the show was shocking. The way she was screeching at Leah constantly just cannot be good for a child.

  • Anonymous

    If her daughter was taken away from her because of paparazzi outside her house then every single REAL celebrity not some fake won’t to be would have their children taken away from them.

  • Samantha

    I believe everyone is harshly judging her, everyone makes mistakes and don’t try to say you don’t. Everyone can change too and with all these bad things being said about her it’s a wonder why she said it was for the best that Leah stay with Gary.

  • Anonymous

    The kid develops most in these first few year. Giving her time to grow up and be a mom will only permanently damage the kid. Perhaps everyone can change but why should this be at an innocent child’s dispense. She needs real psychological help and not just a quack doctor throwing medication at the issue as in a previous season. moreover, the girl needs to be locked up as well as she needs to see there are repercussions for her actions. CPS is generally an ineffective workforce and accomplishes nothing more than taking up space in an office. Fortunately, in this case CPS acted and the child is removed from an individual in crisis. The girl is out partying and out-lashing as she is allowed to act as if nothing she has done is wrong. If legal action isn’t taken and her attitude not drastically changed this issue will only create controversy between legal rights for males vs. females and display the justice system as not willing to deal with incompetent mothers. I sincerely hope the task force in charge of this investigation takes the right approach and this girl does serve time in the penal system.

  • Anonymous

    That makes no sense. Suri, Harlow, and violet have the paps chasing thema nd their parents everyday and I would bet money they are outside where they live also and CPS is not telling they parents to hand their child over to another family members. I also don’t thing CPS would suggest a toddler be removed from a parent while they are going through developemental milestones just casue there are paps outside there house. It is just smke screens to defect the trurt. It is most likely more if you dont agree to have your child with the father we will take the matter to court and a lot of ugly stuff will come out to the media. I wish the best for this family and hope they get the help they need cause there a child involved now

  • Anonymous

    when does the new season of teen mom start?

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