Julie Bowen On Her Twins: One Is Cute, One Is Smart

Actress Julie Bowen had the help of a friend as she took a trip to a kids’ flea market in Pasadena, California with her 1-year-old twins Gus and John yesterday (November 13).

The Modern Family star shared a story about her busy boys – Gus is the “fat, cute” twin while his brother John is the “smart” one, she says – on a recent appearance on Conan:

“It’s wild kingdom, basically… It’s just the way animals in the wild act and there’s an Alpha. Immediately one came out super cute and adorable and he’s maybe not the brightest, but then there’s the little tiny one and he clearly figured out right away, ‘I’ve got to figure out a way to contain and destroy,’ and he’s going to use his noodle,” she said, pointing to her head. “So I came out the other day, I was doing some laundry and I was letting them run around… and the smart one had gotten the fat, cute one in the dryer. I don’t know how…”

Julie, who is also mom to 3-year-old son Oliver, added that she snapped a quick pic of the incident before getting Gus out of the dryer!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    hm, to me they look identical?

  2. Anonymous

    Why would a mother talk about her twins in such a manner???

  3. Anonymous

    Does she think that she is being funny?? I sure hope that she doesn’t talk like that to or around them. Way to give them a complex mom!

  4. rikki

    get ready to pay for therapy “MOM”

  5. JMO

    If you have seen Julie Bowen on talk shows she’s got a dry sense of humor. Had you seen this on Conana you’d know it was all in good humor. It comes off wrong written. She is always telling comical stories about being a mom of 3 kids. I think she’s a hoot.

  6. AJ

    This is definitely a story that does not translate well written, but I saw the interview and she’s clearly joking and the way she tells the story is all for entertainment’s sake – she is an entertainer, after all. Written in an article it comes across as bad, but when she’s telling the story you can tell she’s completely joking, and no, I don’t think she’s doing so in a way that’s harmful to her kids. She’s hilarious, I love watching her interviews. I genuinely think her kids will grow up knowing not to take themselves too seriously, and knowing how to laugh at themselves and at their surroundings instead of being too uptight and constantly looking for something to nitpick at (like some of the posters here…)

  7. Anonymous

    Very immature of her as a mother to label her kids like that. It’s one thing to tell a story but it’s another to label them when so young that subconciously she is already guiding them to suit what she has decided they are. What is smart about putting your brother in the dryer, it’s mischief not smart.

  8. Anonymous

    I think she’s joking. She has a very odd sense of humor.

  9. Tazina

    She doesn’t want to be saying that kind of thing when the boys are older. It’s insulting to both.

  10. Haley

    It’s no different than Jennifer Garner saying on the Ellen show “my kid is just like me….. dumb and happy”. She didn’t mean that literally, but was joking. However, if you read that in print, it doesn’t look so good.

    She shouldn’t be calling her kid dumb either, but we know it was just a failed attempt at being funny.

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