Jeffrey Tambor & His ‘Tangled’ Tots

Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor, his wife Kasia and two of their four children – son Gabriel, 4½, and daughter Julia, 3½ – attended the Tangled premiere in Hollywood on Sunday (November 14).

The 66-year-old actor – who is also dad to adult daughter Molly and 13-month-old twin boys Hugo and Eli – opened up to Babble about being confused for his younger kids’ grandfather: “It happens hourly. I was just taking my son for a check-up and I was goofing around with him because he gets scared. The doctor came in and said, ‘Oh, your grandpa is so funny.’ Hey look, I’m old! I’m 66, so why wouldn’t someone say that? My only problem is when I say, ‘Yeah, I’m their father,’ and they go, ‘Oh, come on.’ That’s when my blood pressure goes up a little tiny bit.”

The father and grandfather went on to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of fatherhood at this stage in his life.

“It limits the amount of time on my knees. It has nothing to do with my love or my complete adoration of the kids. The disadvantages are, you know, age. The advantages are: I know much more about the world than when I was 20. I’ve read more, I’ve done more, I’ve traveled more, I’ve suffered more, I’ve had more elation. I’ve lived and I’d rather have that. In the end, I’m the one with the gift of being able to enjoy these kids. I wake up every day like it’s Christmas. I can’t wait to go see the babies and give them their first feedings and help my wife. It makes me more alive. I don’t have time to worry or over-think. On the other hand, I’m on my ninth Kindle because I keep losing it.”

When asked if he worries about the age difference, he replied,

“It’s not a scare, but it’s certainly a thought. I want to spend as much time as I can with my kids. I want to live as long as I can to help them and mentor them and witness their travels. Does that make sense? I wouldn’t call it a fear. I’m a lucky guy. I know I am. I’ve been thrown a great, great game here. I have two twin boys and gorgeous, wonderful children. I’m so proud of my eldest daughter, Molly, who’s now a teacher of European history back east and is a doctorate. This is good. This is nothing to worry about.”

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