Courteney Cox On How Coco Is Handling Split

A month after announcing her separation from her husband of 11 years David Arquette, Courteney Cox-Arquette reveals how their 6-year-old daughter Coco is dealing with the split.

“Coco is the most important person in all of this,” the former Friends star says. “She’s having a little bit of a hard time, but she’s dealing with it very well.”

Courteney adds that she and David are doing their best to lessen the impact on their daughter.

“Luckily her day-to-day schedule isn’t changing because we’ve always had two houses and we’ve always been back-and-forth. And we’re making a point of spending a lot of time together, having family dinners and such.”

Despite the split, the family recently reunited for some Halloween trick-or-treating.

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  1. Emily

    Why would they always have 2 houses?? Thats weird for any married couple.

  2. Anonymous

    These two always led separate lives and alas probably had an open marriage but seems like Cox got in too far with her feelings for someone else and wants out of the marriage. All this time together and they seem like they don’t know each other or get each other.

  3. Custom essays

    First of all they think about child, that’s great I think! Whatever happens they would stay her parents. Lots of splitting couples nowadays think at first about themselves and just after about their kids. custom essays But this proves the main thing – this family was real! Loving and understanding!

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