Rachel Zoe’s Gala Baby Bump?

Maybe baby? Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman posed for pics at MOCA’s Annual Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday (November 13).

Although the celebrity stylist continues to deny pregnancy rumors, a few weeks ago a source close to the couple revealed that Rachel is 4 1/2-months along with a baby boy!

The day after the gala, Rachel and Rodger were spotted shopping at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles. Rachel kept her purse in front of her stomach to avoid any further speculation.

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Photo credit: Fame / INFdaily.com

  • Anonymous

    She is a skeleton and will hopefully eat some food for her baby’s sake.

    We wonder why so many young women have eating disorders, yet this is the type of celebrity that the blogs profile. Shameful.

  • Anonymous

    Most women embrace their pregnancy and show their bump off with pride. Why does she choose to hide hers at 4.5 months along? We all know she will be back to a size 00 a week after her preemie is born.

  • Brooke

    If that’s what she looks like 4.5mths pregnant….I don’t even know.

  • JMO

    that’s def. a bump why keep denying it?? Better to embrace it instead of havin people comment about your body all the time!

  • Anonymous

    she can’t find time to eat but she found time to get a new face. she recently had work done and it took years off her haggard face. looks like she had something else done. she looks refreshed.

  • courtney

    Uh she’s scared to announce it because she’s had a miscarriage before get off her back. if she’s gaining the recomended amount of weight she’s gained over 17lbs. but considering she’s underweight so she’s probably gained about 21lbs and not all celebs have preemies and besides only 5% of babies are actually born on time annually. and first borns are usually late unless there’s complications that neccessitate an early delivery. nor is a celeb hiding their expectant belly behind a pocketbook new it’s been a popular diversonary tactic for decades infact thats how the Hermes Berkin Kelly bag got it’s name

    • Jessica Kell

      No one said that she’s going to have a preemie because she’s a celebrity… I think they’re referring to the fact that she’s barely pushing 100 lbs. I think that people’s concerns are over her size, not her celebrity or her tendency to hide her pregnancy. Let’s face it, she’s borderline anorexic and that is not healthy for the baby.

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess: Joanne Woodward used a Berkin bag to hide her bump?

      • Anonymouse

        Lol! A woman after my own heart 😉

  • Anonymous

    How did she even get pregnant when she was/is so painfully underweight?

    • Brooke

      I was wondering the same thing. I’d be shocked if she even gets a period each month.

    • Anonymous

      Its possible… it happened to me… I was recovering from an ED and got pregant before my periods returned (must have been very close) I ate, but it all went to the baby. Baby gained normally, I remained very thin. Born a little early, but healthy. We were lucky. I am now fully recovered with my child at school. Good luck to them!

  • mackenzie

    Hey Nicole Ritchie was really skinny underweight before she got pregnant. I hope Rachel gained weigh through her pregnancy.

  • Hanh

    omigod if she is pregnant, that baby is going to be malnourished. If she is 4.5 months along, she should not look that skeletal. Even nicole richie gained weight for her baby during the pregnancy.

  • Helen

    I believe that she didn’t want to announce her pregnancy, because of her eating problems, and because people would judge her. As well as miscarriage possibility is it took them a while to conceive.
    Anyways this lady is still probably affraid of gaining weight. I’m pretty sure she is not gonna love her body as she progrsses in her pregnancy.

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