Rachel Zoe Confirms: “I Am Pregnant”

Update: On Wednesday afternoon, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe took to Twitter to officially announce her pregnancy:

Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant!…I feel great, Rodger and I are beyond excited and so thankful for all of your love and support. xoRZ & RB”

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Further evidence? Rachel Zoe posed for pics at the 8th Annual Lupus LA Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (November 16).

While the celebrity stylist remains mum on the pregnancy rumors, this is the second time in the last week we’ve seen her out and about with a possible baby bump.

Despite her silence, a source close to Rachel recently revealed that she is 4 1/2-months along with a baby boy!

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  • Anonymous

    You know, these people pose for photographers on red carpets and strut their stuff. Why the secrecy about whether she is pregnant or not? You are already “peacocking” for the cameras so it can’t be about keeping things personal! It continues to be a narcissistic behavior in my opinion to be in the public eye (by choice) and be so secretive (to get attention).

  • Anonymous

    Rachel has had a miscarriage before so she’s scared to admit this pregnancy get off her back

  • Anonymous

    Her plastic surgeon told her not to smile :P. It’s like she has two facial expressions, worried and MORE worried XD!

  • Hanh

    ugh if she really wants to keep this pregnancy healthy, getting off her anorexic diet would be a good start. And no, she is not naturally this skeletal.

  • ll65


  • GemmaMommy

    I am so happy for Rachel!! You can tell in the picture how happy she is, look at her eyes! Congratulations to her and Rodger!!

    • mhm90

      You’re joking right?

  • Tif

    Bananas! I guess birth weight will be around 4 lbs.

  • Anonymous

    She will LITERALLY look like she swallowed a beach ball.

  • mackenzie


  • AnnieMouse

    I just hope for the sake of her baby she slows down, doesn’t work so much, and EATS SOMETHING!!! You actually have to feed your babies and they aren’t accessories…I hope she can reassess her priorities for their impending child. But I suppose Rog or a nanny will be there to rear the child….so sad.

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