Colin Firth Talks Movies, Kids & Cussing

Colin Firth‘s much anticipated new movie, The King’s Speech, has just been slapped with an R rating because of some hard language and the actor isn’t too pleased about it. Firth has an outburst of profanity during a pivotal scene in the British film, which tells the real-life story of King George VI’s efforts to conquer a disabling stutter.

Firth says he doesn’t mind the language, and the R rating will prevent kids from ages 13-18 from seeing an important film. “As a father of small children, the context I would like to keep them away from is when it (the ‘f’ word) is casually used,” he said, speaking of his two sons, Luca, 9, and Matteo, 7. “I find that almost as disturbing. I love football and I take them but I have to wrestle with myself because what they hear there would make a sailor blush.

“I don’t relish those words or my children hearing them, so I’m not judging people who don’t like the words… But, in the film, it isn’t used in a vicious, sexual way.”

But Firth makes it clear it’s the parents’ choice. “I’m not saying, ‘Bring your kids to hear the F-word.’ If people don’t want their kids to hear that, it’s their right.”

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  • Anonymous

    Colin also has another son, Will, from a previous relationship.

    • Anonymous

      I was about to say the same thing. Will’s mom is Meg Tilly – don’t leave him out.

  • Anonymous

    Why are the related articles all about Colin FARRELL?

  • Aaron Presley

    Interesting! I hope Colin Firth wins the Oscar for Best Actor, though favorites unfortunately always seem to burn out or peak too early in preparation for a new flavor of the month. King George VI is on the fascinating list of Famous People Who Stutter on the website of the Stuttering Foundation ( along with Eric Roberts, Bruce Willis, Jack Paar, Emily Blunt, Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones, Darren Sproles, Johnny Damon, Tiger Woods, Carly Simon and so many more. The site also has Celebrity Corner articles on some of these famous people that are biographical articles that tell how they deal with their stuttering.

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