Giuliana Rancic Gets Up To 63 IVF Shots A Month

E! News host Giuliana Rancic says she’s continuing on with IVF treatments, even though she suffered a miscarriage a couple of months ago. She and husband Bill Rancic were at the Volkswagon EOS launch in Santa Monica when they spoke about their continued quest for a baby.

“The good news is that IVF did work as we did get pregnant,” Giuliana told Us magazine.

She added, “Sometimes I have to get [injections] 21 days in a row, three times a day. It’s a lot. But you’ve got to do it.”

She says of her husband who administers the shots, “Bill could honestly be on Grey’s Anatomy. He could be McRancic.”

Fans have also been particularly supportive of the couple.

“We’ve gotten probably 40 women who have offered to be surrogates,” she said. “And the other day I got an email saying, ‘My niece is having a baby, and she’s giving it up for adoption and we’d like to give it up to you.”

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  • Anonymous

    If they really want a baby so bad why don’t she just give her body rest for awhile with al the drugs and try to adopt? When they’re ready for baby number two maybe she’ll have better luck with having her own

    • Anonymous

      Because this is what THEY have decided to do. Why question someone else’s choices?

  • mackenzie

    Some people really want a bio child no matter how much ivf they go through. How many heartbreak they have to overcome. Look at celine she went through six-failed ivf until she was blessed with Eddy and Nelson. Maybe if she sticks through the ifv she will have a baby of her own.

  • ejsmum

    I don’t get that either. I’m apart of an adopt family, I am myself a mother of two adopted boys. I really don’t see the difference between bio and natural born kids.

    • ejsmum

      i mean adopted and natural born kids

  • Helen

    I get it, and completely understand it.
    She wants to experience the whole pregnancy herself.
    And why not try it? If she got pregnant once, then chances are she will again.
    What I don’t get however, is that she not willing to put on 10-20 lbs which she needs in order to conceive.

    • Struggled too

      You are so right.. I was too thin and couldn’t get pregnant.. did IVF and couldn’t STAY pregnant.. gained only 12 lbs and got pregnant naturally AND gave birth! Pregnancy is the MOST UNSELFISH thing you can ever do for your child.. Julia.. gain the weight, you will NOT loose your job, in fact you will probably be a better role model for girls out there.. showing the world that you don’t have to be unhealthly thin to be beautiful sucessful and a mom. We suppoer u gal!

  • ashley

    I understand she wants a child of her own too but she is obviously not meant to conceive naturally right now. Why doesn’t she get a surrogate and maybe give her body a little rest. She may get pregnant on her own. Its not natural and you are asking for trouble. Some women get so obsessed with it it takes over their whole life.

    • Anonymous

      I think you need to be a little more sensitive. Having a baby is one of the most natural things in the world and when you can’t concieve naturally it is very difficult to deal with. It is a process of accepting the steps. Sounds like they are open for options but may not be ready to move to that next step. Give them a break!!

  • Rach

    If any of us wanted to try IVF for a few years, no one would think twice about it or even discuss it. And they definitely wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it means that we don’t want to adopt. Give them a break. Just because many other celebrities are adopting does not mean they are horrible people because of their choice to try for a biological first.

    • Anon

      I disagree. I don’t think the criticism has anything to do with their celebrity status. All the friends and family I know who have undergone IVF (none of them celebrities or public figures), have struggled through quite a bit of inner-conflict as to whether or not they should be doing something so extreme. Their decisions was discussed and analyzed to death by everyone around them.

      I think it is important that the use of IVF be discussed openly by the community, because it affects ALL of us. Medical care and insurance costs are sky-rocketing these days, and part of the reason is that people elect to undergo increasingly expensive and medically-unnecessary procedures like IVF. As long as the procedure is covered in part by insurance, then we are all paying for Giuiliana’s 37 shots a month.

      • Anonymous

        First of all, everyone has the right to have a child of their own. You don’t truely know what it is like to struggle to have a child until it is happening to you. People are so unsensitive and I wish people would not be so judgemental of situations that they know nothing about. Having a child is one of the most amazing experiences this world gives us and to deny someone of that is just blame mean. We have the technology to help couples conceive if they are having difficulties. These are couples who want a child more than anything in the world. they are the parents who will not take for grant the blessings that are given to them like so many do. Why not give them this chance to be parents. I know…. many of you say adopt… that’s painful too. you can wait years to adopt a child in this country. The cost is twice as much as going through a IVF cycle.

        As far as insurance goes, you don’t have all the facts. I know many couples including myself that have undergone IVF cycles where insurance paid nothing. I don’t even what to share with you how much we spent to have our son. but what I will say is he was worth every penny. He is the sunshine of our lives. Some day I will share with my son how much we went through to bring him into this world. It took a lot of long years of pain and struggle to have our little angel but we are so blessed for the technology we have in this country and for an amazing doctor, Dr. Kaplan.

  • sheri

    My husband and I are experiencing infertility and we’ve been trying to get pregnant for past two years. Recently after taking medications (including shots, ouch!) and an insemination procedure, no success. So, I know what they’re going through. For me the worst part is receiving unsolicited advice from family and friends. I’ve heard (stupid) comments such as, “you guys should just adopt” and “relax you’re trying too hard.” @ Anonymous and ejsmum: I know you guys mean well, but comments such as these come across as insensitive and hurtful. You might as well tell Giuliana and Bill to “stop trying and give up and adopt because it’s the easy!” Like Giuliana I want to experience the joys (and the pains) pregnancy and to give birth to my child! Does this make us bad people? Absolutely not! As Rach mentioned, just because people like you and other celebrities are adopting does not mean they’re awful people for wanting a child of their own! To each their own!

    • Struggled too

      You feel as though everyone is saying its just not worth all of this trouble. For me I also felt that there was that inate (instinct) to want to be pregnant , feel the baby kick, bonding etc. Pregnancy and its pursuit, adoption, surrogancy all has to be made on a personal basis. Althought it does also help to have your families support when the subject does come up. I guess the main thing is its all about timing.

    • juliet

      Well, you know, first of all it’s probably hard to see for the people around you how much you are trying, how much you suffer, etc., and they just want to give you some advice – what is one supposed to say to someone who is so obsessed about getting pregnant? The point is that very often when couples kick back, adopt and “just relax” that they actually conceive naturally. I’ve seen it happen. And perhaps it’s healthy – no matter how it hurts – to accept that this was just not meant to be. Miracles usually happen when you don’t look for them.

      • Anonymous

        you just don’t get it!!! Until you experience the struggles of the difficulties of getting pregnant, you can not relate. For some couples, miracles can happen and they eventually get pregnant. For others, there are actual medical reasons why it is not happening. Acceptance is a process and not something that someone who has no clue can tell them. You need to be more sensitive.

      • Alisha

        As someone who is about to undergo IVF, saying that conceiving can occur easily if you stop trying so hard and relax is just as hurtful. There are many reasons for not being able to conceive. Some of us have structural problems or disorders that will prevent us from conceiving naturally. It is virtually impossible for me to conceive naturally as I lost my tubes to endometriosis. These disorders and problems are not rare. One in eight couples experience infertility in one way or another. So before you judge others for the way they want to conceive or the way the may NEED to conceive a natural child, remember that sometimes getting pregnant is not just as easy as “relaxing.”

  • Anonymous

    this website needs an updated pic of them.

  • Anonymous

    If you think it’s ok to take 63 shots a month than it is to gain weight in order to be able to conceive then you are skewed just as she is too. The fact that she can so eagerly do this the second time around than gain weight shows me that she is not right.

    • Alisha

      Do some research on IVF. The average woman gains 10 to 15 lbs DURING IVF treatments as side effects of the medication.

  • Hannah.J

    I can only speak for myself but if I had trouble conceiving I would do anything to get pregnant as the feeling of a baby inside you is just amazing such a miracle to feel it move and kick, so I can understand why she is going through all that.

  • Heather

    Anon you are an a$$. So what exactly are the proceedures that you want to foot the bill for?? Get a life!

  • Anonymous

    I think she keeps on trying with the IVF because she loves the attention that “struggling with infertility” gets her. It sets her apart from the rest of the Hollywood pack, makes her stand out, and that’s really what all those Hollywood people are after. They want the *attention*…the baby is secondary, left to be raised by nannies once the newness wears off.

  • ljfoose

    oh please, anon. no one want the attention of struggling with infertility. spoken like someone who can get pregnant whenever she puts her underpants on. if you think it’s not hard and sad and embarrassing, you are simply wrong.

    • Anon

      Let me clarify, because I think you’ve misinterpreted what I originally said.

      I was NOT implying that anyone who is receiving fertility treatments should be “outed” to the community, so that everyone knows their status and is welcome to pass judgment on their choice. That’s not at all what I would want. I have known many people seeking treatment for infertility, and I know that it is not easy in any way. As you’ve said it, “hard and sad and embarrassing” is only the tip of the iceberg, based on what I’ve seen.

      Rather, I was suggesting that there should be open discussions about Americans’ over-utilization of expensive, elective medical technologies that are raising healthcare costs for everyone. My brother and sister-in-law underwent IVF even though they were only in their mid-20’s, and their insurance picked up the bill for nearly the whole thing. They are my family, and I don’t necessarily think that what they did was wrong, but I think there needs to be a broader discussion of the ways that Americans use health care. Again, I’m not saying that any one specific couple should be singled out and shamed, but I thing that it can’t simply be a taboo subject.

      • Please

        Anon- I think your logic is a little off… I don’t think you can draw a line on what insurance should/should not cover. What if I don’t think your procedure of whatever is worth insurance coverage? If you don’t want to foot part of their insurance bill, don’t get insurance and just pay for your medical expenses out of your own pocket. They even have tax deductible accounts just for that.

  • lig

    being pregnant is such a short term thing in the whole scheme of things (parenting). that’s what i don’t get when people put themselves through multiple tries with IVF. the pain/depression/expense etc for a 9mo experience?? this is why it is confusing. the outcome–being a parent–is what you would think people would really want; the lifetime of nurturing/teaching/loving a child. that’s why people say couples struggling with infertility should adopt. is it that they want to be parents or is it that she wants to be pregnant?? if the focus was parenting, then adoption wouldn’t seem like such an outlandish suggestion.

  • Anonymous

    This situation is unfortunately the consequence of modern medicine. 63 shots a month! I understand their desire to have their own child but there was a time when a couple tried to have a child and if they couldn’t they adopted. Those were the only options. Now women are subjecting their bodies to so much. There is no correct answer. Each couple has to follow their hearts. It’s just amazing how far people are willing to go to have a biological child.

  • Ondine

    Let’s just either avoid or enjoy their tv show and stop criticizing them personally.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with lig. It sounds like she’s more interested in the pregnancy experience than with the parenting experience. If all she wants is to be mom, there are so many ways to accomplish it. She might be happier and become a mom sooner if she were to explore some of these alternative options. After all, pregnancy is only 9 months whereas parenting is for a lifetime. Which is more important?

  • Ali

    Many of these comments make me giggle. Have ANY of you gone through IVF? Have any of you had to make the decision to either do ART or go the adoption route? We are currently starting our sixth cycle of IVF. We have one beautiful daughter, that we were blessed with after 3 IVF cycles and have been trying to give her a sibling. If any of you have taken the time to understand or educate yourselves on the process before giving your opinion, you would realize many of your comments are laughable. Insurance? Ha-we have paid every single dime of every single fertility procedure out of our pockets-some people may use some insurance but I am sure if you decided to educate yourselves, you would know that is not the root of our healthcare crisis. Further, any fertility specialist will tell you that your chances INCREASE with each IVF until the 3rd try. It is stupid to try once and quit because they learn so much from the way your body responds, etc. Finally, THANK YOU Giuliana and Bill for sharing your struggles with the world! So many people keep it to themselves and it is so important to have POSITIVE love, prayers, and energy while going through such a physically and emotionally taxing process!

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely agree with everything you said!!!! People get the facts before making comments. You sound so silly… YES!! Thank you Giuliana and Bill for sharing your struggles. I wish more people would be open with their experiences. then, maybe people would be a little more sensitive to others feelings and decisions.

    • Alisha

      I too am infertile and we are about to undergo IVF. These people have no idea what a struggle it is. Emotionally, physically, financially. Adoption sounds like an “easier” way. Reality is, if you decide that route, it is also expensive and emotionally draining. It takes an average of two years to adopt a child. There is tons of legal work, traveling, and you can be denied or birth parents change their minds. So just like IVF, you can hand over thousands and thousands of dollars and still come home empty handed. If you do adopt, there may be language barriers or bonding issues (it’s not just one way here, if you adopt you will usually get an older baby or child and they may have problems trusting you). Everyone here with their negative comments are ignorant and need to educate themselves on ART and adoption.

  • Ali

    To clarify, nothing against adoption-some of my best friends have the amazing blessing of adopted children or have been adopted themselves. But, it is a personal decision and NO ONE should be judged for choosing to do fertility treatments in order to have a family.

  • Hopeful

    I really hope that she will be healthy and running in no time.
    I also hope that she can conceive and experience the joy of pregnancy very soon, she worked so hard at it and she deserves to be

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