Hugh Jackman & Family Are Party People

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness were spotted with kids Oscar, 10, and Ava, 5, on their way to a party in New York City on Saturday (November 20). Let me swoon a minute and say that it seems like every day would be a party if you were married to Hugh Jackman.

Hugh is apparently growing out his beard for his role in the next Wolverine movie.

Director Darren Aronofsky had heads scratching when he announced that the film is not a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The name of the next non-sequel movie? The Wolverine. Huh.

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Photo credit: FlyNet Pictures


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  1. Me123

    I think Oscar is a very cute little boy, but he looks like he has some kind of physical or mental disability. Has Hugh ever said anything about something like that? Either way it doesn’t matter because it’s obvious he’s very much loved and a happy little boy.

    • Anonymous

      I have seen Hugh Jackman with Oscar at the Hudson River Park in NYC, and Oscar is a gorgeous child, with no apparent disability. The only thing that struck me was that he looked like he was in a bad mood! His dad was walking with some people, happily chatting, and Oscar was on his scooter with a minder looking after him, and I remember thinking that with the wonderful life this child is having, he should look a bit happier! LOL. But seriously, he looked perfectly healthy.

      • Anonymous

        This is the impression I get from Oscar. I think he is a very smart boy who has good taste in art. But he is not exactly the happiest kid and does not like the paparazzi attention at all. He is also very clingy to his dad.

  2. Blair

    aww, how nice of hugh to take his mom out.

  3. Anonymous

    REALLY!? are you serious? Wow. It’s just his hair. He’s fine but for you to come to that conclusion…wow.

    • Me123

      I think you took my comment wrong. I said he’s very cute. It’s not his hair. Who would ask a question like I did based on someone’s hair? How stupid. It’s because of other pictures that have been posted, he seems a little different from most 10 year olds. There are plenty of people who question if someone has a disability based on appearances. Take the Jolie-Pitt twins for example. I think my question was perfectly acceptable, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has questioned the same thing

      • Anonymous

        “There are plenty of people who question if someone has a disability based on appearances.”

        That doesn’t make it appropriate. It’s stupid and offensive every time.

        And completely absurd – you cannot diagnose disabilities via still photos, both because you are not qualified to do so under any circumstances (unless you are about to tell me you are a doctor, which I’m sure you are not, because no respectable doctor would ever say what you did), and because no one, qualified or not, can diagnose a disability without personally examining the subject.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think he has any kind of disability (that’s my opinion). I remember Hugh said once that he has even started giving older girls (probably teenagers) the eye :D. If Oscar had something if anything at all Hugh’d have shaed till now …

  5. Deb

    Blair,what are you talking about?!? That’s his wife!!

  6. Anonymous

    I think Blair was being facetious when she made that comment.

  7. Gollum

    You know that is interesting because I saw Huge with Ava in Manhattan and my friend whispered to me that she thinks the little girl is a “Special needs” child. I asked her why and she stated that her neighbor’s daughter has a slight mongoloid look to her. I didn’t even think that term was used anymore but I can see it slightly now that it has been pointed out. Nevertheless, I’m sure her parents dote on her and she seems to be quite happy. Nice family.

  8. Cindy

    I am so glad that they are a happy family. They are gorgeous and the kids are loved. The rest of you should stop being so critical.

  9. Anna

    They always seem like such a happy and normal family. Ava always looks super happy and so much like a normal child just having fun with friends. Oscar is a very handsome boy.

    Also it’s cute that the kids are wearing similar trousers.

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