Jennifer Lopez & Her Gucci Gang

Jennifer Lopez and her kids Max and Emme, 2, were snapped making a stylish arrival at yesterday’s Gucci Children’s Collection celebration at the brand’s store in Beverly Hills, California (November 20).

In honor of its new designer kids’ line, for which Max and Emme are the adorable “spokesbabies,” Gucci has donated $1 million to UNICEF’s Schools for Africa initiative and $50,000 to Lopez’s charity the Maribel Initiative.

“It’s exactly why I’m excited to be a part of this,” J.Lo recently said. “Now there are two Gucci spokesbabies for a beautiful cause!”

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  • Tiffany

    @Anon..With that kind of comment your children probably look like trolls….Love this beautiful Latino family!

  • Beth

    Gucci is donating to charity, and JLO and her kids are getting paid to promote Gucci clothes for children because believe me, this woman does nothing for free. If she were more down-to-earth and in touch with the real world she would realize that the average mother cannot afford to buy Gucci clothes for their children, especially in this economy with people loosing their homes and their jobs.

  • mackenzie

    Emme is a carbon copy of Jennifer.

  • Jennifer

    Oh, the children look so much like my Puerto Rican cousins and Maxx and Emme are the exact image of their father. So many people claim that Maxx has signs of Progeria and Emme isn’t meeting her milestones because she is looks learning disabled but you can’t always tell by looking at children. I’m sure JLO and Marc love them just the same and they wear the prettiest clothes.

  • Anonymous

    are you people blind?! Those kids are adorable….and really who the hell said that the little boy has Progeria? He doesn’t even look like that…

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer – where the hell do you get your infomation from? Did you make up ridiculous allegations?

  • Victoria

    I’d have to say that although both of the kids have Marc Anthony’s eyes, Max looks more like J.Lo in my opinion. Like Both of them also have J.Lo’s coloring and hair but Max has her face shape and her cheeks and Emme has Marc Anthony’s face shape and cheeks.

  • Beth

    To think Max having Progeria and Emme having a learning disability would have to be absolutely untrue, because everything about Jennifer Lopez is “perfect”. Her marriage, her kids, and her life in general is flawless. And in the event that there were any defects in any aspect of her life, the pubic wouldl never know because she will make sure it would be kept a secret.
    Jennifer Lopez is exempt from ever experiencing the ills of the world that the average human being may go through.

    • Alma

      Honey, Nothing is perfect and the fact that she tries so hard to prove that her life is perfect, demonstrates the opposite to me. She can hide all the imperfections behind expensive clothes, but a picture speaks a 1000 words.

  • Anonymous 2

    I’m sorry but these kids are not cute at all. Especially Emme.

  • Anonymous

    thanks .

  • Amy

    What bothers me is not that she’s showing of her kids but where.According to her she protects her kids and doesn’t like “parading ” them around.But where do you usually see her kids at big events like this and magazine shoots!Talk about being a hypocrite.And her husband too because he says he’s a private person .But they show up everywhere together and do everything together.They sell their family life to public and then say they’re private people .Yeah right!

  • Anonymous

    Amy I agree with you to a point there is nothing wrong with JLO and Mark doing everything together but the rest of what you said is so true she is a big hypocrite and I’m glad that Mark ex wife keep her kids out of the spotlight.

  • JulietMichael

    OMG I know the person that painted Jennifer Lopez’s daughter’s face and you can see it in the photos! She’s my friend Elise and I know she was working at that benefit. She probably got to meet Jlo, how cool. She has her own face-painting biz:

  • Anonymous

    She looks absolutely beatiful. This woman gets better with age.

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