BumbleRide’s Flite: Compact Versatility for Urban Parents

Many parents take their baby or toddler along when shopping or running errands. However, there’s nothing worse than pushing around a heavy, cumbersome stroller and trying to get through tight store isles or crowds of people. Pretty soon you’re crabby and just want to go home. Fortunately, those days are behind us with Bumbleride’s Flite stroller. It’s light, easy to handle and gives you all the flexibility and functionality of larger strollers without the larger size and heavier weight.

The Flite, which weighs in at a slim 13 lbs. and retails for $249.99, offers outstanding versatility seldom found in the lightweight stroller category. With its standard four-wheel suspension and larger/wider profile tires, Flite is extremely maneuverable in tight spaces making it ideal for urban parents who are on the go.

We love the fact that baby won’t easily outgrow The Flite. It can accommodate most carry cots (also available from BumbleRide) and an infant seats, making it suitable from birth to 55 lbs. Plus Flite offers some very handy accessories:

      • Larger seating area and extended seat recline for added comfort
      • Infant-seat compatibility including an infant seat adapter bar and safety belt
      • Extra headroom, which makes it an ideal option for families with older children
      • Rain cover, removable carrying strap, cup holder, headrest and shoulder pads (included)
      • Seamless integration with the Bumbleride Carrycot, Snack Pack, Jam Pack and Footmuff & Liner (sold separately)

      The Flite is available online and in stores nationwide.

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I love my Bumbleride!