Kendra Wilkinson Is Ready For Baby No. 2!

Looks like we’ll be keeping Kendra Wilkinson on baby bump watch this summer – she and hubby Hank Baskett want to start trying for baby no. 2!

“Pregnancy is not for me,” she admits to In Touch, on newsstands now. “But it’s definitely worth it. I would go through it all again.”

Already mom to baby Hank IV, who will celebrate his first birthday next month, the 25-year-old reality TV darling says she and her husband have been wanting to expand their family for a while now: “We really don’t go a week without thinking about it,” says the former Girls Next Door star. “We’re aiming to start trying in July.”

Kendra, who is currently living in LA while her husband plays for the Minnesota Vikings, also says that she would like to have a little girl, but that overall she and Hank “don’t really care”:

We just want little Hank to have a sibling. He is so thoughtful already – he definitely takes after his dad – so whatever we have next will be a very luck sibling. As long as they keep turning out like their father, we are good to go.

“Late on, I might want no. 3,” she adds. “Hank and I love kids, we have so much love to give. And we’re doing so good at raising no. 1, why stop?”

Kendra also opened up about her struggles with her post-baby body: “After a month of not looking in the mirror, I started obsessing so much over the losing weight that my mind was playing trick on me. It was brutal. I looked like a blowfish.”

Now, nearly a year after the arrival of her son she’s feeling much more confident: “I’m not 100% back to where I’m supposed to be, but I feel great.”

“I can walk around with my head held high.”

Despite living across the country front one another, the couple are doing their best to keep their marriage strong – they are even planning for a second honeymoon after Hank returns from his season in Minnesota: “We’re looking for the perfect location.”

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  1. catriona

    The ones that have been airbrushed 😛

  2. Sophia

    Eh? I thought she and Hank split up? Or maybe I just glanced over her “single mom” remarks and misinterpreted them. Oh well. Baby Hank’s cute so no wonder she wants another haha. But phew, all those stretch marks!! Is it worth it Kendra??

  3. Anonymous

    Wow she seems to be a media *** if I’ve ever seen one. “I’m a single mom” means that SHE decided to move away from Hank and back to LA,which doesn’t make her a single mom but people will think they’ll split = higher sales numbers. “baby no 2 on the way” means they’ll START TRYING next summer, but of course everyone with a common sense reading the headline will think she’s actually pregnant. Wow, just wow, wish you’d stop reporting on her.

  4. LeeLee

    I don’t think she can be more superficial and self-absorbed. I can’t wait until she goes away.

  5. Anonymous

    So tired of this story line/script. Every magazine cover that I have seen seems to be related to that accessory (baby Hank) that she always has on her hip. She was pregnant, then she had the baby, then she dealt with being “fat,” then the struggle to lose weight, then the struggle to rebuild her marriage after her sex tape (even though the entire world has seen her naked), the she became a “single mom,” now she wants to have another child.

    Her publicist really needs to think of another way for her to remain relevant.

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