Matt Damon & Isabella: Strollin’ To School

The Bourne Identity star Matt Damon was seen walking his adorable 4-year-old daughter Isabella to school in chilly New York City this morning (November 22).

Last week, we spotted the father-daughter duo returning from Isabella’s preschool class.

Matt and wife Luciana welcomed their fourth child, daughter Stella, four weeks ago. The 40-year-old Academy Award-winner recently talked about their big family:

Yeah, but it didn’t seem like much of a choice. I moved and suddenly it wasn’t just my wife. It was her 4-year-old little girl – who’s now 12. There was never a choice. It was just the way it was, and I was happy for that. It was very different, it’s true, but I can’t imagine my life having not gone down that road. I can’t imagine what my life would be now. I don’t want to imagine it.”

Matt and Luciana are also parents to daughters Alexia, 12, and Gia, 2.

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  1. Anonymous

    Something wrong with the child’s legs? At 4, she should be walking to school with her father and not in a stroller like an infant/young toddler.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes there is something wrong with her legs

  3. Anonymous

    Um, it’s NYC – it’s a little “crazy” to walk around in, especially during rush hour.

  4. Annie_S

    Such a cutie.
    Reminds me a little of Lexy Gosselin :]

  5. Anonymous

    Holy smokes, she looks just like her father but with dark features!!!

  6. Tearra

    LOL I wasn’t being pushed anywhere at seven. Lucky little lady 😀

  7. Amil

    Sje looks nothing like Matt, Matt is attractive.

  8. Anonymous

    amil^^ what a creepy comment. I think this is the first picture I’ve seen of Matt with his daughter.

  9. Anonymous

    Luciana is one LUCKY lady. Not only is Matt Damon gorgeous, has an apparently sweet disposition, is family oriented, intelligent, successful and very wealthy, he also accepted HER daughter! What a Daddy, what a MAN. All the best to Matt, Luciana and their adorable daughters.

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