Willow Smith & Family: AMA Fashion-Forward

She may be one of the youngest stars to have walked the red carpet, but Willow Smith certainly knows how to get noticed!

The 10-year-old singer wore an interesting outfit, alongside her movie star mama Jada Pinkett Smith and her 12-year-old brother Jaden at the 2010 American Music Awards in Los Angeles last night (November 21).

Willow is currently promoting her hit single, Whip My Hair. The aspiring pop star has a recording contract with Jay-Z’s label.

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Photo credit: Fame / INFdaily.com


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  1. Brooke

    I’m sorry but Willow looks ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous

    Mother looks almost as bad as the daughter.

  3. mackenzie

    the whole family looks ridiculous.

  4. Cam

    I know this family can afford a mirror, I suggest they buy one! What a mess.

  5. AnnieMouse

    Who the heck was their stylist? I’d be firing them a.s.a.p.! Wow…that’s just ugly from all angles!

  6. dholmas

    They need a new stylist. Jada and Willow look ridiculous and trashy.

  7. Anonymous

    I wish they’d just go away 🙁

  8. Anonymous

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Did they dress in the DARK with their eyes closed???

  9. Anonymous

    Jaden doesn’t look quite as bad as the other two. Do they actually think they look good?

  10. Venni

    This is just stupid! They need therapy.

  11. Valerie Pie

    You’re all pathetic losers… Look at the family for their talent and not how they choose to dress… I’m sure if it was some white celebrity and their kids, you’d be fawning over them… Racist idiots.

  12. Valerie Pie

    I have no clue what AA means and I don’t care… Everyone wrote their opinions and I wrote mine… The Gosselin family are not celebrities, it’s a fat chinese dude and a haggard trick who gave birth to a bunch of test tube babies… I don’t see the point… But thanks for your input and my opionion stands that the comments are all made based on their skin color… Who gives a quarter of a flying fawk if they walked out the house wearing dresses made out of chicken skin or meat????
    Thank you and stay blessed everyone…

  13. Anonymous 2

    This family has no taste in fashion whatsoever!
    They look absolutely ridiculous!

  14. Anonymous

    WTF is that? Do they actually think they look good?

  15. Anonymous

    GOOD LORD is all I have to say.

  16. Hanh

    Wow that is one awful outfit. That family needs a new stylist ASAP.

  17. Victoria

    I’m sorry but yes they look ridiculous, Willow’s outfit is especially too tight in the crotch area, Jada is just undescribable and not in a good way, and Jaden isn’t terrible but he just doesn’t seem to be matching, the colors and materials just aren’t too loud so most people won’t notice. Next, although unlike the above comments, I’m not trying to make this into a negative thing about race, but just bringing race into the equation by saying, that yes I’m African-American, but I find it hilarious that other African-Americans love to stick up for their sense of dress. It’s because some of the African-American community, not all but some, see Jaden and especially Willow, as kids that their children can look up to and look at them and see that hey these kids look like me, and they also have talent, so they want to defend them, because truthfully there aren’t that many African-American kids in entertainment for other African American kids to look up to. But me, one has nothing to do with the other, and being mean, but truthful when I say that these kids cannot dress, and are not that creative. They have stylists so they obviously don’t dress themselves, and they need to fire those stylists because their outfits aren’t cute. Willows song is just not that good at all, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that people like adult and kids alike because nowadays people will shake their heads and their asses to anything with a “sick” beat, all the while ignoring the lyrics and the lackthereof. Jaden has only been in one movie so only time will tell if he’ll have what it takes to be a good actor, and I will only give him the credit he is due, if it’s in a movie not being footed for by his father.

  18. Anonymous

    The mother is like here are my kids and here is ME (the only way anyone will pay any attention to her).

  19. Super.K

    WOW, Something exploded on the red carpet….what a mixture of color….what a mess!! I think someone needs to pass on the message “Less is more”

  20. Glee


  21. Adriel

    Willow’s hair looks pretty.

  22. Anonymous

    Wow. The outfit Willow has on is a hot mess. But, I guess if she likes it then that’s what matters. She has horrible taste, but it’s her right to have bad fashion sense I suppose.

  23. Anonymous

    None of them has style, that’s for sure.

  24. Anonymous

    I Like this family, the outfits not so much. They are celebrities, they missed on this one 🙂 it happens

  25. Anonymous

    They are ugly and they look terrible!

  26. Shell

    Beautiful people but silly clothes. Maybe they were having fun with the looks but I have a funny feeling that in a few years they may laugh at this picture.

  27. lovely

    yall need to shut yall just haters thy look better than all yall let me tell you that much,but yall need to stop being mean to them because what end up seeing this on the computer they will be very upset then they will probably end up saying bad words to yall because i think they all look very good because they have style unlike yall, oh and one more thing why is yall talking about them, oh now i get you guys are mad that they dress up good and you guys don’t now does’nt that make a coniedence so, and yeah i am 11 and i can talk like this so just leave them alone please and bye.

  28. Angelus

    WOW Jaden Smith is so fine, he is so talented and so fine Willow is talented and she has great fashion sense, i like her because she can explain why she likes her outfit.!!!!
    Jada is also talented because she is a good actor also a good mother *Karate kid* (lol) i kinda like her dress, i think it shows what she is like sophisticated but still sexy girl
    love you willow and jaden

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