Christina Aguilera Says Max Is Her “Worst Critic”

Christina Aguilera admits her 2-year-old son Max is not impressed with her singing. The pop star was on Conan O’Brien’s talk show when they discussed what songs she sings to her little boy.

She said, “I tone it down when I’m singing lullabies to him, I don’t sing Lady Marmalade. I definitely don’t bring out the pipes for lullabies. He does have a mind of his own though. Sometimes he’ll be my worst critic and he’ll go ‘No mommy not ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, not tonight. Not that one, sing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ instead.’ ”

Christina, who is separated from Jordan Bratman, says from three years old she knew she wanted to be a singer.

She said, “I would throw a towel on the floor as my stage and use a shampoo bottle for my microphone.”

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  • Anonymous

    Obviously he isn’t good enough of a critic, when he lets his mum look like that in public

    • Be Nice

      You are just a hater! this blog is about celebrity babies and their life. To each his own, she has been doing adult thing for a decade, and she still has a strong fan base, she still will get opportunities to do her craft, she will be photoed, she will be in magazines, on television….just the way she is…she will make changes as she decides…she has earn that level of stardom!!!!!!!!!!
      I can believe these comments….my daughter and I sung at bedtime and she had favorite songs and books too! Xtina can sing! most women go through phases with their looks! it is just a woman thang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Brooke

    Seriously, what’s with the clown makeup??? Does she really think that looks good?

  • Anonymous

    She is just a nasty – hot mess….yuck!!

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