Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s Daughter Is A Ward Of The State

A week after she was charged with domestic assault and battery, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood learned today that her 2-year-old daughter Leah will become a ward of the state.

RadarOnline.com reports that an Indiana court made the decision this afternoon during an emergency child placement hearing. Though Leah will continue to live with her dad Gary Shirley, the Indiana Department of Child Services will monitor her well-being and the reality star mom’s progress.

Following the hearing Amber went to Gary’s home for a supervised one-hour visit with her daughter. The former couple reportedly left the courthouse arm-in-arm.

Today’s news is the latest development an ongoing saga. Last week’s assault charges against the 20-year-old MTV star stemmed from repeated incidents in which she reportedly choked, slapped and kicked her ex – at times in front of their daughter.

Leah went to live with Gary – apparently with Amber’s approval – in October.

“I feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I’m trying to put the pieces back together,” she said earlier this month. “I have to get myself better so when I get my baby back, she sees her mom as happy as can be.”

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  • kayla

    What a sad life for a baby hot temper mother and unfit father. . I though farrah was a bad mother. Boy I was wrong.

  • T’s Mommy

    All of these teen moms are unfit in certain aspects, some more so than others. This is the problem with teen pregnancy, girls not old enough to have coping skills, patience, life experiences and support to mold adjusted adults raising children. Add the stress of being a single parent with money stress and emotional baggage and I think you get Farrah, I wouldn’t classify her as a “bad” mom though. It’s extremely sad, but I think that this is the reality for the majority.

  • Anonymous

    T’s Mommy. you think it’s just Teen Mom’s that have those issues. I know many teen’s who are great parents, and I know many people who are out of their teens that are horrible parents. It’s all about the individual. Besides these shows are going to find people who will provide drama, because sadly many people would rather watch some struggle with a drama filled life.

    • T’s Mommy

      Of course it isn’t just teen moms that have issues parenting, there are adults of all ages that struggle/lack the knowledge of how to parent. I was just saying that all those issues are magnified when the parent is a child themselves. Even the most mature 16 year old still shouldn’t be a parent and will express tendencies and emotions of the their age.

  • Annie123

    Poor little Leah… She will be traumatized later on as she finds all this drama on the internet. I just want to give her a hug, she sure is a cutie.

  • JMO

    I admit I watch Teen Mom but when I see stories like this it makes me think this is one reason why the show should not be on tv. People will tend to have problems in their relationships but with cameras around it’s def. not healthy and it’s def. not a way to raise a child.
    There def. are teens who become moms and do what’s right. Maci seems to be one of them. Sure Ryan will always be a thorn in her side for the rest of her life but atleast she seemed to always put Bently first where the other mothers it was all about what they wanted for themselves. When you have a child it doesn’t become about U anymore and Ithink that’s one thing they haven’t learned yet.

    • Ali

      I watch the show too, and I agree that putting cameras in these children’s faces can’t be healthy for them. However, maybe this was a good thing in Amber’s case. The cameras caught that terrible incident where she hit Gary and tried to push him down the stairs, etc. That incident was captured and therefore was able to be used as evidence. She is getting help now and trying to get better. It’s horrible that poor Leah had to be there to see it, and even worse is that she will most likely see it on TV many years from now…but without the footage, who knows how much longer abuse like that would have gone on?

      • ll65


  • XYZ

    This is what happens when every idiot reproduces.

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