Jenna Elfman Had “Zero Education” About Breastfeeding

Motherhood wasn’t always smooth sailing for Jenna Elfman. The actress, who gave birth to her son Story Elias three years ago, admits in an interview with Best for Babes she hardly knew anything about breastfeeding.

She said, “I had zero education about breastfeeding before giving birth to my first son, I didn’t know there was anything  TO learn about breastfeeding!  I thought you put the baby on the breast and they sucked and that was it.  There was maybe one sentence on it in my birth class. So . . . when I finally put him on the breast; I didn’t know about latch, I didn’t know about anything!”

She ended up pumping milk into bottles because her breasts were hurting from an improper latch and Story was losing weight.

“I ended up having him latched with his bottom jaw on the nipple . . . later I found out the bottom jaw is the “working jaw” and my latch was all wrong,” she explained.

Elfman pumped for ten months in locations which included “backs of cars, on the way to the set, on the freeway” and shopping.

Her breastmilk even saved the life of a methamphetamine-addicted baby. The child belonged to a friend of a family member, and was given weekly bottles stored in Elfman’s fridge.

“Once a week my friend would come over and get a supply. The second the baby started on breastmilk, he could hold it down. All of the rash symptoms on his body started going away,” she said. “I literally kept him alive for several months.”

She called the experience “rewarding” and calls the boy, now three, “my little angel friend.”

The 39-year-old mom also has another son named Easton Quinn Monroe, 8 months, with husband Bodhi Elfman.

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