Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Twins

New dad Neil Patrick Harris stopped by The Talk this week to chat about his 6-week-old twins Gideon and Harper.

The How I Met Your Mother dished on everything from swaddling (he’s now a pro) to sleeping (the babies snooze together in the same crib), and admitted that the early days with the twins haven’t been exactly what he expected.

“Everyone said, ‘When you see them, you’re going to look into their eyes and you’ll never feel love burst forth like that…’ and I’m like, ‘Not so much.’ I’m just like a caregiver, and that’s super cool. But they’re still so young.”

He went on to recall the day that he and his partner David Burtka welcomed their little ones: “We were both in the delivery room, it was a c-section so we were able to be on one side with the surrogate. It’s so weird. It’s a remarkable moment and yet you’re so conscious of everything going okay that it’s hard to live in the moment of it all.”

Revealing that it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far – “Just when everything’s okay then one has a fever. And just when everything is madness and they’re screaming, then they calm down” – Neil says that David’s past experience with kids has been a big help.

“Once we got home it was a bit of a shock. But David, one of his ex-boyfriends had started the surrogacy process with twins of his own [when they met]. So David helped raise two kids – twins as well, actually – for about 2.5 years. He’s not their father, but he helped raise them and we still see them all the time. So he has some good history and some knowledge about diapers and formula.”

Like most expectant parents, Neil says that they got plenty of advice before the babies were born (including from his pal Sara Gilbert – “You’re crazy granola person, you gave the weirdest advice ever!”) but in the end they’re just learning as they go: “David and I thought it would be good to not swaddle them and to not pacify them and to have them figure stuff out on their own and at this point we’re like whatever it takes – a shot of whiskey? – to get them to stop fussing.”

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  • Jolene

    Love him!

  • Anonymous

    I love his sense of humor, and I’m so glad he didn’t turn all syrupy and sickeningly sweet once the babies were born. He’s awesome, and those kids are lucky to have NPH and DB for daddies. 🙂

  • klutzy_girl

    I love NPH and David! The twins are lucky to have them for daddies.

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