Katie Holmes & Suri: Shoppin’ For Sweets

What a sweet day!

Katie Holmes took Suri to a Beverly Hills bakery called La Pain Quotidien for some pastries on Wednesday afternoon (November 24). They later made a stop at Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland to pick out some fancy chocolates. Perhaps the treats are for eating on Thanksgiving Day?

At one point, Suri, 4, got down from her mother’s arms and strolled along with a blanket wrapped around her.

The pair have been enjoying some quality time together. They just flew back from Ft. Lauderdale where Katie was filming scenes for her new film Jack and Jill.

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Photo credit: MOJO/GSI Media


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  1. mackenzie

    Suri is a pretty little girl.

  2. Jessica Kell

    I know this is the same comment we always hear about Suri, but…

    Every adult in this picture is wearing a sweater or jacket. Suri doesn’t even have sleeves. As a parent, we need to draw the line between letting a child have some independence and our child’s health.

    All you TomKat defenders, on your mark, get set…

  3. Anonymous

    I know Katie would go back to dressing Suri inappropriate again I just didn’t expect it to be this soon yesterday was just too good to be true.

    • Anonymous

      Suri dresses herself, Katie has no say. Suri was around kids the other day and has probably been teased for wearing party dresses, nightgowns etc. to play. Suri is so desperate for attention from kids her own age that she probably decided to dress like a normal 4 year old so that she would not be made fun of.

  4. Anonymous

    This family is weired.
    Katie is totally a mess!
    and Suri she is wearing her nightgown. And then she covers herself up with a blanket! WEIRED!

  5. Anonymous

    I feel so bad for Katie, she was so normal when she was in Dawson Creek. I heard it was cold in CA yesterday and today and if I was Suri’s mom if she doesn’t want to wear appropriate weather clothing then I guess will just stay home.

    • Anonymous

      Why feel bad for Katie? It’s Suri that suffers from her poor parenting.
      There are so many less fortunate people in this world to feel sorry for. Katie has money which provides her with opportunities to get help. She obviously, doesn’t think her parenting is a problem and even if she did Tom doesn’t believe in any form of therapy. She knew what she was getting into from the get go, so why feel sorry for her?

  6. Alice

    Katie you don’t have enough money to buy your kid a sweater, or what? There are really girly ones to purchase that even your picky little one will like you know. She looks stupid with that blanket around her on the street, YOU ARE ALLOWING YOUR CHILD TO LOOK stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Suri, I’m sure has a wardrobe many times larger then all ours put together, which would include a sweater or light jacket. Katie just allows Suri to wear whatever she wants regardless of the weather outside because as she has stated “I just want to make her happy.” Katie is the epitome of a push over. She doesn’t get that it looks stupid, because she is clueless!

  7. Anonymous

    Her dress doesn’t look like a nightgown to me if you look closely. I agree that she should have a sweater, but it’s not that cold in beverly hills and she looks comfortable, so who cares?

  8. Anonymous

    Suri is wearing a dress from when she was 1. Check it out for yourself at suricruisefashion.blogspot.com
    Personally, It seems a bit too short. KH just cannot parent! Get help, Katie!

  9. Cabos

    By reading most of the comments here i think this girl would be dead with pneumonia by now and she’s NOT. Why are you making such a big deal about what she’s wearing and the weather every time there’s a post of Suri??

    I don’t see her sick, or blue or purple or miserable to say that what she’s wearing is wrong. Every time is the same thing, and this has been like this for years now. And like i said, if it was wrong she would be dead or at least sick. And all i see it’s a pretty healthy little girl going shopping with mommy.

  10. Anonymous

    I completely agree Cabos.

  11. Anonymous

    Boney, stick legs with several bruises and a diet of mostly junk food. Suri is probably anemic.

    • Anonymous

      If she were anemic, she’d be more likely to feel cold and want to bundle up. Instead, she’s the opposite. Stop playing doctor and diagnosing based on pictures.

      • Anonymous

        There are ton’s of pic’s on other sites showing Suri wrapped in her blanket which practically swallows her. Look at X17online.com Whenever she is out in the cold with her nightgowns, summer clothes, she always has that dang blanket in case she get’s cold, which she always does.
        Decent mom’s bring healthy snacks when they go out with there kids. Katie just hit’s the ice cream parlor or cup cake stores when Suri is hungry or to stop her from throwing a a tantrum.
        I’m not a doctor and neither are you, by the way, so your comment was an observation just like mine!

        • Anonymous

          but i didn’t try to diagnose her with an illness like you did.

          • Anonymous

            DUH!! You stated that if she were anemic that she would be sensitive to cold. Which, so you state, would make her anemic so you did try and diagnose her. Do you get it now?

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t state that I knew whether she is or is not anemic. I simply made an observation that people who are anemic tend to get cold more easil,y than the rest of the population. Get it.

          • Anonymous

            Sure, I’m an ass because I defended someone against a claim that they had a serious illness when there is little to no evidence to back that up. Personally, I don’t think Suri has excessive bruising for a child that age.
            BTW, I actually WAS anemic when I was a kid so maybe I’m more sensitive to these kinds of claims.

          • Anonymous

            I never “CLAIMED” that she had a, what you say is a serious illness. Once again, UGH, I stated it was probable due to her consumption of sugar, lack of protein and bruising.
            BTW,you being anemic as a kid and hypersensitive to that is a personal problem. This makes your opinion unbiased, so don’t comment.

          • Anonymous

            I think you meant to say “biased” not “unbiased”. I think the fact that I was anemic when I was a kid is all the more reason why I should comment, becuase it is something that I have firsthand knowledge of.You’re the one who seams to be hypersensisitive. I did not call you names like you called me. I guess we can agree to disagree. Chow.

          • Anonymous

            Oh Please. I only suggested that you were hypersensitive when pointing out the irony of YOU calling ME hypersensitive when you were the one who resorted to name calling. All right, I’m done.

            Happy Thanksgiving!

          • Anonymous

            Thank you so much! You were really getting on my last nerve!
            Name calling…you are hypersensitive!
            When you said “chow” you did mean you were going to eat, since you mentioned Thanksgiving, my bad!

  12. Country girl

    Can Suri not walk? I hardly ever see her walking anywhere. Poor Katie has to carry her all over the place.

  13. Anonymous

    Poor Katie?? Oh please!!! Katie chooses to carry, lug around a 4 1/2 year old. The only thing poor about Katie is her parenting.

  14. Anonymous

    She is sucking that blanket…

  15. Anonymous

    ugh! there are so many hags posting in here, leave the little girl alone.

  16. Anonymous

    I was just on one on the websites mentioned above & Katie was putting Suri into a car but it didn’t seem like there was a car seat in it,that kind of bothered me.Where I live kids have to be in a booster seat at least until they are 7 or out grown one as far as I know California has a similiar one but like I said I didn’t see a carseat!?

  17. Anonymous

    I normally don’t comment but this is certainly ridiculous. A BLANKET? Covering herself while essentially she wanders around in a pillowslip? When everyone else has a sweater or blazer on? Sure kids often wear less clothes, because they RUN around and get hot,. Suri doesn’t even walk…its just a bit…off, something is weird in this family.

  18. Lioness

    Lol. The nasty hags are out, always ripping on Suri and her folks. You guys will find ANY little thing to say negative about this family, it’s almost hilarious now. Let Katie and Suri keep throwing it back in your silly judgmental faces, cuz they haven’t changed their behavior a single bit from all the mudslinging. Suri looks beautiful as usual… she’s always been a beautiful child.

    • Anonymous

      Katie isn’t throwing anything back at the “hags” as you have stated. Katie and Tom believe that the way they are parenting Suri is good for her and will continue to do what they are doing. I live in one of the largest cities in the country and I have never seen a 4 year old walking down the street with a huge blanket wrapped around them like Suri does. If she had on the proper clothing for the weather she would not need to be wrapped in that huge blanket. I have also never seen a young child parading down the streets in heels and make up or out in a pair of slippers and a nightgown. There have also been pics of her barefoot in stores which can be dangerous and is also unsanitary. These are just a few examples of bizarre parenting.
      You think she is beautiful but are her looks more important then having a good upbringing? I shudder to think what she will be like as a teen who has never had any limits growing up. I guess time will tell.

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