Nancy O’Dell Tries To Live “In The Moment”

Though she’s landed an amazing gig as the new host of Entertainment Tonight, Nancy O’Dell admits that it can be a challenge to balance both work and family.

The longtime Access Hollywood host, who is mom to 3-year-old daughter Ashby and stepmom to Carson, 14, and Tyler, 11, tells Parade that her husband Keith Zubchevich shared some words of wisdom that have helped.

“A piece of advice that my husband gave me several years ago is that when you’re in the moment, be in the moment. It’s so hard when you have to juggle family and career.”

Another bit of advice came from none other than the First Lady – and mom-of-two – Michelle Obama.

“I remember doing an interview with Michelle Obama and she said it was one big guilt trip. She was on the campaign trail with her husband and I asked, ‘How do you feel about being away from the girls sometimes?’ And she said, ‘I feel guilty as heck, but then if I’m not there with my husband, I feel guilty about that.’ It’s a tough juggling act so you have to make those moments meaningful.”

In keeping with her goal of being “in the moment,” Nancy has teamed with the Florida Department of Citrus to help other busy moms navigate hectic mornings with the kids.

“We’re trying to get the message out to make your mornings meaningful. Everybody has a busy schedule, especially mine right now, but it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to be able to have a meaningful moment. I think the message is so strong that no matter how brief the time you have with your family in the morning, it’s important to make a connection with them so you can have a big impact on everybody’s day. If you just take a few minutes to share a glass of orange juice or have breakfast with your family, it makes a difference.”

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