Katie Price Wants To Keep Kids Out Of Public Eye

It sounds as though we won’t be seeing much of Katie Price and Peter Andre’s kids Junior, 5, and Princess Tiaamii, 3, from now on.

The former glamor model – who split from Peter last year and is now married to Alex Reid – released the following statement informing that she’s decided to keep the kids out of the spotlight.

I believe Junior and Princess are now of an age where they are starting to become aware of the attention they are subject to and it is beginning to impact on them.

“If their lives remain in the public eye they could become the subject of unnecessary interest and attention of many other pupils, their families, strangers and so on.

“I don’t want that. It’s not healthy for them. I want them to live normal and ordinary lives as privately as possible, to enjoy their childhood without unnecessary and unwelcome attention, as far away as can be from public fuss and interest.”

Katie is also mom to 8-year-old son Harvey from a previous relationship.

Meanwhile, the kids’ dad Peter Andre was rushed to hospital this morning with “excruciating” stomach pains. His management team confirmed the news saying that “at present he is being monitored closely and being kept in for extensive tests and scans.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s a complete media whore. Of course she’s not going to keep her kids out of the spolight!

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic! This is only being brought up because her ex wants to bring Junior on stage during one of his concerts. What about all the twitpics of her kids that she is so constantly forcing on everyone. Who is she anyway and what makes her think she is so special. She needs to clean up her wardrobe and makeup if she wants anyone to take her seriously!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah Katie… you’re SUCH a great mom, always caring about your children’s needs.

    What a joke. SHE is a joke.

  • Tif


    Funniest thing I’ve read all day, but I’ve only been up for 20 minutes…

  • Suzy

    Umm, isn’t it a little late for this??

    p.s. nice eyebrows

  • Anonymous

    “many other pupils”

    A pupil is a student. If she’s trying to sound sophisticated, she’s failed.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure she knows what a pupil is. She was talking about her kids’ classmates and their families.

  • freya

    I don’t think she could exploit them any more to be honest. She is probably saying this because she has run out of ideas and doesn’t want it to look desperate (failed at that a million time already Katie).

  • Anonymous

    she’s so gross…

  • Sophia

    I don’t doubt that Katie loves her kids, but she just seems to go about letting them have a normal childhood a funny way. Hopefully she can stay true to her word on this one.
    PS I’m not having a go, but in that photo she looks like a Barbie who’s been left out in the rain for a few days…

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