Kingston Rossdale: Trendsetting Tot

Four-year-old Kingston showed off his new ‘do while out with mom Gwen Stefani in Los Angeles, California today (November 26). The No Doubt rocker and her son checked out a beauty supply store before heading to Hugo’s restaurant for a bite to eat with dad Gavin Rossdale.

The preschooler showed off his funky sense of style in skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and a winter sweater. He certainly seems to have inherited Gwen’s flair for fashion!

Earlier this fall Kingston joined his designer mom on the runway when she debuted her new L.A.M.B. collection during New York Fashion Week.

What do you think of Kingston’s funky sense of style?

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Photo credit:, Fame, GSI Media


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  1. Adriel

    A 4 year old with dyed hair? Seriously??

  2. Anonymous

    omg he is cute however i do not agree with letting your 4 year old bleach their hair. What about all those chemicals going into his skin?

  3. Anonymous

    That should be a considered a form of child abuse! What loving and caring parent would knowingly and willingly subject their 4 year old child to toxic chemicals!! And for what…style or fashion??! Oh well, who cares about his health as long as everyone thinks they are ‘cool’! Pathetic!

  4. Rosie

    I think Gwen and Gavin HAVE let their kids be kids,and always will-in my opinion it’s a little rude to judge their parenting skills.I’m sure like any responsible parents they would never do anything remotely harmful to their kids;by all accounts Kingston and Zuma are happy,healthy,and well-adjusted children-that is the only important thing.

  5. Blair

    i think he’ll be insecure when he grows up, she’s basically telling himi she doesn’t like the color of his hair.

  6. mackenzie

    I think Kingston looks adorable. I love his style but not his constant hair dyeing.

  7. Aish

    I’ve really lost respect for Gwen Stefani since she had her children. They are not dolls, they are children. This is completely ridiculous. 4 year olds do not need bleached hair, crazy haircuts and ridiculous fashionista clothing. They should be dressed like children, not mini adults. How ridiculous is it to say he’s “inherited his mothers flair for fashion”. Thats just stupid, she dresses him. I doubt he’d care he wore spiderman t-shirts and shorts like normal kids do.

  8. delilah

    They are not dolls, they are children. This is completely ridiculous. 4 year olds do not need bleached hair, crazy haircuts and ridiculous fashionista clothing. Kingston is that that bad. There a celebrity child who is worse wait for it………………………. Suri cruis this little girl is four year old she wears nothing but dress even when it cold. She wears high heels. Make up. If you want celebrity child who dress as doll look no further then suri cruise.

  9. Anonymous

    I just think Gwen is shallow and controling mother. One thing is dressing the kids over the top which I can tolerate but dying the naturally beautiful healthy hair of a baby/toddler is taking to another lavel of ridiculous and unnecessary grooming for a 4 year old kid. It’s sad that kingston will have no pictures of him being normal and natural like childrens suposed to be, to learn to find themselfs and choose what they like or do in their own time, instead they condition the little boy’s life to the likes of his parents. sad.

  10. tiki

    clearly i don’t know this family personally. but it appears that the parents are emotionally invested in presenting their son as a trend-setting fashionista. the question is, why? what do they get out of having their young son look like this?

  11. Anonymous

    please don’t bite my head off, but are we sure that the hair is dyed? I agree that he is really young to have his hair bleached. but I thought that both of their kids had that bleach blond hair?

  12. Anonymous

    Their kids always look like sh*t. It’s a shame because they are beautiful children.

  13. Rachel

    Kingston is such a beautiful kid. But his hairs are too long for this haircut. I like him with this trendy mohawk, the other ‘do of him was a little chaos..

  14. Anonymous

    There is a reason why women are not supposed to use regular hair dye when they are pregnant, it may enter the bloodstream. So, why would you dye a child’s hair? A grown person’s bloodstream can handle the small amount of chemicals, can a childs? These parents need to find another “creative” way to pimp out their kids…

  15. Anonymous

    the poor child, that hair do is tacky.

  16. marilyn

    i love gwen but seriously, she’s dying his hair and painting his nails? seriosly, does she want him to turn out to be gay like his dad admitting to at one tine being??? well i guess so, since they say there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

  17. Jack109

    People seem to forget that there are non toxic forms of dye and bleaching for hair. If you’ve ever raised a child beyond 4 years old you would know that they won’t willingly be subjected to things they don’t like. I seriously doubt that he is being forced in any way to dress the way he dresses or have his hair done. While a parent can say no I’m pretty sure that letting a child express themselves is a less important battle to win.
    Aren’t we supposed to teach our children to be confident, how can we do that without letting them have self expression? Control over a child is not always what is best for them and saying that someone is a bad parent because they let their children choose how they want to look shows how unaccepting and judgmental people are.

  18. Lioness

    His roots don’t appear to be dyed. Just saying.

    I love this outfit and haircut- he looks VERY cute and stylish!! And let’s not pretend that all of us, to one extent or another, don’t dress our kids according to the way we want other people to perceive them. There’s a reason why so many little boys wear pants and sneakers and are bought trucks (even when they didn’t ask for them) and are named Matthew. It’s because we want other people to perceive them as “normal little boys” (whatever that means). GWEN wants her kids to exude style, like she does- why are we surprised that she dresses them according to the way SHE sees as cool? How is she different from everyone else in that regard?

  19. Anonymous

    My God !!! My baby is so beautiful and I always loved his hair !!!!
    Just leave this family alone sh*t !!!!
    They do what they want to do !!!

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