Melissa Joan Hart Says Bicoastal Parenting Is “Stressful”

Melissa Joan Hart has to spend a lot of time away from her children when she’s filming her show, Melissa & Joey, on the West coast.

She said, “It’s kind of stressful. I just had the last six weeks off and I got to be home [in Connecticut]. Now I’m going to go back to the West coast for the next five months [to film Melissa & Joey]. My kids are in school so they have to be here — it is really hard.”

The actress makes sure she doesn’t go longer than a week without seeing her boys Mason, 4, and Braydon, 2.

We’re just taking it a month at a time. I see them every other week. It’s difficult but at least I can also focus on work and then go home and be a mom.”

Hart has been married to her musician husband Mark Wilkerson for seven years.

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  1. Anonymous

    When your kids are 4 and 2 years old… you can change their school.

    I’m glad they have their dad.

    • Da

      I agree. She said it like it was a school issue, rather than being home with dad, I assume he’s a musician so he might travel, too? A four and two year old don’t have to be in school and she can surely put them in school where she’s filming at, at least.

      • Anonymous

        Well when Melissa travels, Mark doesn’t (I think). I believe Mark is with them full time right now. A 2 year old definitely doesn’t have to be in school and a 4 year old could survive without formal school (ie. get a private tutor for an hour a day).

  2. Ali23

    I wouldn’t want to uproot my children for half the year, move them across country, away from whatever friends they currently have and then end up doing it again 5 months later. I know a lot of celebs move their kids from school to school but what kind of life is that? They must be pretty hard on the kids and they’d never make real friends and learn real relationship skills. I think keeping them in school is a good idea. Besides, preschool is good for children, studies have shown they do better later on in life. I see nothing wrong with her choice.

  3. Anonymous

    Any mom who is willing to be away from her small children for 5 months just so she can chase some ego-maniacal celebrity dream is unfit to be a parent. There is absolutely nothing worth missing that time with them. The kids should come first always, no matter what. They are very small so the “taking them away from their friends” argument is ridiculous. Their mom means much more to them at that age and besides, by law, they don’t even have to attend school right now if they don’t want to. The oldest one is just preschool age. He would do just fine attending a school near her show set. The real truth is that she doesn’t want to have to mess with kids when she’s working and that tells me a great deal about what kind of person she really is. I’m all for the idea of moms working if they wish to do so but choosing to be away from your small children for lengthy periods of time when finances do not remotely dictate that you must, is unacceptable.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it’s “everything they know” but their parents are really whats most important to them.

      David Beckham once asked his kids where they liked living the best and I think it was Brooklyn that said “wherever you and mummy are, that’s where our favorite house is”. All kids want is their Mom, Dad, siblings and maybe a few toys 😉 Family is the most important thing.

      • Anonymous

        It’s funny that you mention David Beckham, considering the fact that David DID move away from his children for 6 months, while playing in Italy. I beleive his youngest son was 3 at the time, which is about the same age as Melissa’s children. Having said that, I’m not sure if I agree with what Melissa is doing.

    • mslewis

      I could not agree with you more!! Well said!! In my opinion, there is no sane reason for this woman to be away from her babies for FIVE months. These kids need their mommy and daddy but it seems all Melissa wants is to pursue her “career” and be on TV. She’s a Bad Mommy in my book.

  4. Anonymous

    She said she sees them every other week, so what’s the problem? I don’t think she meant she was gonna be away for five months non-stop.

  5. Anonymous

    This woman iss crazy…to think schooling is more important to a 2 and 4 yr old than being with their mother is insane. They dont even have to be in school yet. Sounds like she just wants the freedom of no kids while she is working. The show sucks anyways so maybe it will get canceled and those poor kids can get their mommy back.

  6. Anonymous

    I am gobsmacked by these utterly selfish comments she’s made. She doesn’t see her small children to film some crappy TV show? There is no earthly reason why the family can’t be together wherever she is. None whatsoever. What does school matter at that age?!

    Some people don’t deserve to be parents. End of.

  7. Tazina

    Her husband is a musician. His income possibly could be quite low so perhaps Melissa is the primary breadwinner. Putting food on the table is actually a top priority because you’re providing for those children, giving them a good life. Maybe they should think about a move out west. Children aren’t little for very long….

  8. Anonymous

    Alot of people give the Jolie-Pitts hell but their rule is if it’s longer than three days apart, we are all going and they are always together as a family. People always talk about what about leaving their friends, how about make new friends wherever you go and when you get back reconnect with your old friends. Melissa can afford to have her children with her as she films, because truth be told, she aint filming 24hrs and most sets are pretty family friendly. So it’s a choice and why the surprise when you see famous couples separate.

  9. Anonymous

    Dang! Why is everyone so judgemental?! So what if she chose her career to be an actress. Is that any different that say a stewardess who is away from their family a lot of the time? Its obvious that she loves her family and is trying her best to balance motherhood/family/career. She just moved her family last year so the boys can grow up away from the LA limelight and have a decent childhood. And what is all the nonsense of the kids being in school? I have a full time job and while I would do anything for my kids (aged 5 & 3), if I ended up winning the lottery and was able to stay at home, I would still send my kids to school at least part time because I see the benefits of learning to listen to other adults like teachers, socializing with other kids their own age, and overall getting an education. I think we need to cut her some slack, she is admitting that it is stressfull and she sees them as much as she can, so its not like she is abandoning them or anything, sheesh!!

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