Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Breakfast Bunch

A-list couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were spotted with their two daughters – Violet, 5 on Wednesday, and Seraphina, 22 months – enjoying breakfast at Kay N’ Dave’s in Santa Monica on Saturday (November 27).

Mama and her girls stopped by an ATM before heading over to the Mexican eatery where the trio met up with papa Ben. The sisters brought along some books for the family outing.

On December 6 at 8 p.m., Jennifer will be one of Martha Stewart’s special guests on her Holiday Open House TV special. Be sure to tune in to the Hallmark Channel to see Jen and Martha whip up some holiday treats.

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  1. Amy

    Love them .They’re a beautiful family

  2. emily

    Every time the family is together Ben always hold violet. He rarely holds searphina. I think I only seen Ben hold seraphina 3 times. I guess violet is Ben favorite daughter. Also there are rumor that Jennifer and Ben are separated.

  3. Anonymous

    Dad’s usually carry the heavier child. Don’t keep score; you cannot be accurate from inpersonal pictures. Haven’t you tried to make this an issure before?

  4. Anonymous

    Violet is the bigger child. It’s obviously a greater help for him to carry her. If you look at other sites there are plenty of pictures of him with Sera. I love how every time one of them goes on location to shoot a movie people start the separation rumors.

  5. Anonymous

    bens playing family man since he has a movie to promote. and it would be a greater help for the 5 year old to WALK! geeeeeeeeeeeez!!!

  6. Sarah G.

    Violet sure loves to read. So cute! 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I hope you’re kidding with the favorite child thing. You must not be a parent. I’m 1000% sure Ben loves his daughters equally.

  8. Anonymous

    A really lovely family and how people always look for something to complain about regarding them is quite mind blogging. I love how such a rich and famous family seems to live exactly like every other average family (nothing pretentious about them) seems to strike a nerve with some people.

    They could pass for the family next door by the looks of them when they are on their own time. BTW rumors about them separating have been around for nearly 7 yrs now. How else would the media sell stories on them as they seem to keep to themselves and concentrate mainly on raising their kids out of the spotlight. (Never seen them or their kids on red carpets, charity events promoting their relationship.)

    Am I biased when it comes to them? You might say just a tad. lol

  9. Anonymous

    They are the perfect power couple, Jennifer Garner is the perfect match for Ben they are the same in every way that counts. She is the best thing that ever happened to him and he knows it.

  10. Anonymous

    Im impressed with Violet. She’s a brain like her daddy. every book I see her with its a 2-3 grade level book (I teach second grade so I know them by a distance!)

  11. To those who come here and made negative comments…..GO AWAY FIND YOUR LIFE SOMEWHERE ELSE…..Ben and Jen are happy now if you cannot accept then GET LOSS…..

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