Guess Who Revealed: Alastair Stewart!

It’s Alastair Wallace Stewart!

Penny Lancaster and her handsome son Alastair, who turned 5 yesterday, were spotted shopping with grandma Elsie Stewart in Beverly Hills on Friday (November 26). Alastair is the seventh child of rocker Rod Stewart.

Penny and Rod are expecting their second child – Rod’s eighth! – early next year.

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  • dreamz

    rod stewart youngest

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    Alastair Wallace Stewart. Today is his birthday !

  • Amy

    Rod Stewarts boy Allastair

  • Marilyn

    Alastair Stewart…and that looks like pregnant mom Penny next to him.

  • Adriel

    Yes; definitely Alastair Stewart and his mom, Penny.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to me.

  • renee

    rod stewarts son.. you can see pregnant mama there, too!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful son and i dont know hows?

  • Hannah.J

    Rod Stewart’s son Alastair.

  • Kieryan

    I had no idea who this was…I will agree with everyone else. and it was funny my first thought was “He looks like Shiloh” LOL. =) Super cute kiddo!!

  • Anonymous

    Alastair, Rod Stewart’s son.

  • mackenzie

    Alastair Wallace Stewart

  • Jolene

    Looks like the older Spears boy..

  • Anonymous

    It’s Jayden James Federline come on!!

  • whitney

    Oh my God.. He is soooo cute..

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  • Sophia

    Wow, I can’t believe how quickly Alastair grows! I still think of him as a toddler, but he really is a boy now! It’s amazing. What a gorgeous child.

  • Da

    Oh that’s who that is. He looks like Britney’s boys. Handsome kid.

  • Anonymous

    Look alike jayden spears and shiloh pitt so cute !!!

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