Kingston Rossdale Gets A Manicure Like Mommy

Gwen Stefani took Kingston with her to a nail salon in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (November 27).

The 4-year-old, who has a new doo, also had a manicure while waiting for his mom. His nails were painted in an array of colors!

Kingston’s modern hairstyle was first seen on Thanksgiving, when he and the family spent the day at Gwen’s mother’s house.

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Photo credit: Flynet/Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    i think she should let her son be a child, he will have his entire life to do adult stuff,i feel that she trys so hard to transform her son in this “cool” kid type of thing, and he is just 4! she should let him be normal! he is adorable but he would be even more if he was more natural!

  2. Anonymous

    I feel like she wishes he was a girl!! And I feel that he thinks he is one! Just saying!
    Maybe it’s just British style…

  3. Tazina

    It’s cute. Mom and her son are having a good time on their outing. You can see he looks like a happy, well adjusted kid. Nobody is trying to prove anything here. Relax.

  4. Anonymous

    a manicure for a boy?! That is ridiculous!

  5. Anonymous

    Lots of males get manicures – you need to get out of the house a little bit more.

  6. Anonymous

    His style may be “out there” but he seems happy, healthy, loved, and free to be whoever he wants. If people want to help children who don’t have “normal” lives, look at the kids who live in poverty here and around the world. You should focus on their horrible lives because I’m sure Kingston has everything he needs.

  7. Anonymous

    Hopefully Gwen & Gavin will have a girl soon!

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t know what happen with a decent well written post wich was saing Gwen was teaching her son basicly to be materialistic and a brat.
    That’s right, Gwen is focusing SO much in the aparience of her son that she seems to be missing out what’s going on and the importance of the inside of this little INDIVIDUAL of 4. That’s bcause she seems not to respect but imposing her own taste on him since so early on in life. Kingston seems to be on his teens already and a COPYCAT of his own mother, as she treats him as a living doll. We have seen so many pictures of kingston being uneasy in his early years that makes you think the boy is very insecure, even with the presence of his parents who seems like they acting like they are his best friends instead of his good understanding parents. I mean, what is Gwen teaching to the boy by bleaching all over his natural beautiful hair? I don’t think kingston will apreciate the little simple things wich you don’t have to pay because is just a gift from nature.

  9. Rachel

    cute little boy! Kingston has a Fashion gene!!

  10. Wicked

    To all the commenters commenting on Gwen not letting Kingston be a kid – you dont know how wrong you are. Gwen and Gavin have said in so many interviews that Kingston has his own personality and he basically is a kid dressing how he wants to dress and doing the things he wants to do with Gwen and Gavin when he is out in the public eye. A copycat of his parents? What do you expect? He’s the child of two very well known, almost legendary rockstar parents. Gwen and Gavin are awesome parents, and I think Kingston, as well as Zuma, are in very good hands. Those kids are rich and living the life and has a lot of conifidence in themselves then most kids. So leave their parenting skills be.

  11. JMO

    Gwen needs a daughter. I draw the line at the pedicures!!!

  12. Jack109

    I’m sorry but NO 4 year old will sit through a manicure and pedicure or getting their hair done, if they don’t want it done. Some children want these things and some don’t.
    It seems like people forget that a 4 year old can express their own opinions.

  13. Lioness

    LOL, I always love the assumptions of the commenters- criticizing Gwen for not letting Kingston be a kid. I hope when you go to the nail salon or spa and children there getting procedures done with their parents, you’re screaming the same things at them. Otherwise you’d all be hypocrites, wouldn’t you?

    And the lot of you saying that Kingston getting a mani/pedi is equivalent to Gwen wanting a girl need to get out of the house more. I saw two men just the other day at the nail salon getting mani/pedis. I suppose they want to be female? Because girls are the only ones who should take care of their nails, right? Nothing sexier than a guy with crusty fungus toenails, I suppose…

    *Sigh* ANYWAY, Kingston looks quite the handsome little man in these shots… I absolutely LOVE that haircut on him, he looks great!! He has the perfect head for it :-).

  14. Anonymous

    Gwen needs to get a girl, preferable blonde.

  15. Anonymous

    I saw on websides , “Kingston will turns homosexual” This is HORRIBLE !! AND OF COURSE WRONG !!!! Kingston is a beautiful child !! and if he wants to wear polish on his nails , just leave him do that !!!! That’s not because of this , that he will turns homo !!!
    For my self , he is a sweet child , a little angel like his brother !! and I think too , Gwen needs a girl , beautiful like her ,Gavin and their little lambs !!

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