Pink Dishes On Pregnancy Cravings & Mood Swings

Pink opened up to talk about pregnancy cravings and hormonal mood swings to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush recently.

The singer, who has just reached her second trimester, says she likes to eat sour foods.

“I’ve always had a really, really close relationship with all kinds of food, so I’m good there,” Pink told Billy. “Sour Patch Kids, or Sour Skittles, sour anything. Maybe that’s a testament to myself.”

She also admits to being a little touchy these days.

“I got into a fight at Bed Bath and Beyond,” Pink revealed. “I have the rage!

“There was this man, and he was very rude. Something about Bed Bath and Beyond brings out the worst in people,” she joked. “This man wanted a parking spot and he honked at me and he was literally an inch from my ear drum… I [went over to his car] and he acted like he couldn’t see me, and then he acted like he couldn’t speak any English.”

“I think he realized I was going to kill him!” she added.

Asked if her mood swings make her feel frisky towards husband Carey Hart, she replied, “I don’t really know where I’m at. It changes hourly.”

The mom-to-be will soon be taking a break from work and concentrating on the arrival of her baby.

I’m going to shoot a video in a week or two, and then I’m honestly going to take my first break since before I signer my record deal!”

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I had the same cravings…especially Sour Apple Warheads!