Nicole Kidman Loves ‘Coffee’ Dates With Sunday Rose

Mother-of-three Nicole Kidman appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show today and couldn’t help but gush about her adorable 2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose. The talk show queen asked Nicole about her favorite mother-daughter day.

We were just in New York and I took her shopping where I get a cappuccino and she gets what she thinks is a cappuccino but it’s just froth,” the proud mom said. “That’s fun! But I do get embarrassed because she’s like, ‘One cappuccino,’ and I’m like, ‘No, no, she doesn’t drink coffee!'”

Of course, the Academy Award-winning actress had more to say about her sweet little girl.

“But I also love her little shoulders. She’s in the bath and I see those tiny little shoulders! Don’t get me started!”

Sunday’s father, Keith Urban, also appeared on today’s show and opened up about his past demons. Just four months after he married Nicole, he admits he “went off the rails” and returned to rehab for the third time in eight years.

“She really should’ve just walked,” he said of his devoted wife. “I’m just glad she didn’t.”

Nicole is also mom to daughter Bella, 18, and son Connor, 15, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

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  • mhm90

    Does she ever see/spend time with Bella and Connor?

    • Cabos

      Tom Cruise got full custody of them, so ask him.

      • Anonymous

        No actually, it’s common knowledge that they have joint custody, on paper at least.

        • mhm90

          Yeah, thats what I thought. I never see any pictures of Nicole with them anymore. must be so sad for them, now both Tom and Nicole has biokids.

  • Anonymous

    did she even mention Connor or Bella?

    • Anonymous

      She mentioned kids often, but Oprah’s questions were directly about Sunday Rose, so if you want to know about them, ask her next time you see her!!!!

  • hopeso

    That is so sweet…..Adorable

  • Anonymous

    She’s so annoying…

    • Anonymous

      Who? Nicole, Oprah? If they annoy you why waste your time reading or watching them!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sunday is so adorable and dressed super cute. What a wonderful mother Nicole seems to be. Poor Suri, stuck with a wacko mom like Katie H.

    • Anonymous

      Seems as though Bella & Connor are stuck with her too! Their doesn’t seem to be much evidence to prove that Nicole ever wanted to be THEIR mother in the first place! At least wacko Katie is trying.

      • Natalie

        I’m sure Nicole’s lack of involvement in their life has much more to do with Tom’s controlling ways than with her desire to see them.

      • Anonymous

        Nicole gets very little if any say in regards to her eldest children because of Tom and his powerful Scientology team.

        • Anonymous

          Nicole is a grown woman with a very successful career and marriage. I’m totaly sure that she could afford to hire any powerful attorney to modify her custody arraingement with Tom. And if she disliked Scientology so much, she never shouldv’e married Tom and adopted children with him! I actually like Nicole as an actress, but I think that she has left her children in a potentialy destructive situation. If she WANTED to be a more involved mother, she would do something. I bet she’d do something if it was Sunday!

  • Anonymous

    What a lovely couple she and Keith are and little Sunday Rose is just the icing on the cake. Great family!

  • Anonymous

    i hate how this woman seems to forget she has two other kids. always gushing about sunday…ugh

    • Trish

      I don’t think she forgot, she made many comments about having kids, not saying anything specific, because Oprah didn’t bring it up, so like many people with a baby, the focus usually is on a little one!!!! Keith and Nicole seem to have a very special connection, love how thewy look at one another!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe due to the fact they are being raised as scientologists that’s the reason.When people are involved in that group they are taken away from there families & anyone else that are not scientologists.I watched Nicole on Oprah & she mentioned her “kids”,but Oprah was the one asking the questions about Sunday specificaly.The way Nicole was answering you could tell she is a very private person.I think she is a very classy lady!

  • Anonymous

    the interview was wonderful, Keith always so passionate about Nicole. and Sunday Rose in normal activities.
    what a family is precious and simple.
    Give a cappuccino to haters ajajaja

  • Anonymous

    Nicole does see her older children. They’re just not as public (but they aren’t with Tom either).

  • Anonymous

    When Oprah said what is a mom/daughter day like Nicole talked specifically about Sunday as if Bella didn’t exist. I don’t care if the question was directed specifically towards her and Sunday or not being a Mother she should have said well with Sunday we like to do this and with Bella we like to do this. How awful must that girl feel. She doesn’t treat those kids the same and its obvious. She barely even mentions them.

  • do-be-fooled

    If Connor and Bella was her bio children everyone would say…what a bad mother she is for leaving the children in a situation that is harmful. But because they were adopted….it’s okay…it’s all Tom Cruise fault……not even Nicole’s husband talks about is stepchildren…and yet again someone will say…but Tom cruise won’t allow it…what power one man have to control Nicole and her husband’s …..I wonder what they have to hide that she can’t talk about her children or get to see them.

  • Anonymous

    finally, someone speaks the truth. if those kids were not adopted, they’d be with her. sad…

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear. This internet thing is both amazing and frustrating. How on earth did I get to read this mind-numbing story. Kidman like many of her counterparts in that industry are totally self absorbed and have the maturity of a 10 year old.
    Spare my days. I will now never get back the time I just wasted reading this tripe.

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman seem to be the same kind of mom. Both love to spend time with their daughters, dress them up like princesses and their style is awful ! At least Katie seems to like Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. I don’t even remember the last time I saw Nicole with her elder kids. So, I hate both (:

  • Sophia

    Nicole’s mentioned before that Bella and Conor have specifically asked that she doesn’t talk about them publically, so I’d imagine that’s why she doesn’t do it. Sunday Rose is just gorgeous and she seems like a real little character!

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