Kate Moss Calls Her Daughter “A Mini-Me”

Kate Moss says her 8-year-old daughter Lila Grace is just like her.

She tells Stylist magazine, “Oh, it’s terrible, she’s a mini-me. It’s awful. She’s so amazing but then sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh my, it’s like looking in the mirror.’

“She’s like me in every way. She’s very sensitive but also very grown up, just like I was. I was more when I was 10 than I probably am now and very serious as a child, probably because I went to work when I was 14.”

The 36-year-old supermodel adds that she loves to spend time at her country estate in England with Lila and her boyfriend Jamie Hince.

She reveals, “My house is so gorgeous. It has wild roses that go all the way up to the chimney and a garden full of jasmine. And it’s great for Lila. There are kids running around everywhere and they lead a sort of feral existence … I like to walk, cook, ride my bicycle to Londis (a British convenience store chain) to pick up veg.”

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Photo credit: INF Daily

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope she does not abuse drugs like her Mom too!

  • Adriel

    Cute picture. Hope Lila doesn’t start working as young as her mum did.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Kate has gotten her life together because it was her mother who was raising that girl while Kate was running around acting like a teenager with addictions.

  • Anonymous

    i couldn’t imagine being her daughter, what a life to live up too (good and bad)! does her daughter not live with her?

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