Reese Witherspoon’s Hollywood Stars

Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today (December 1).

Reese’s gorgeous kids – daughter Ava, 11, and son Deacon, 7 – along with her Legally Blonde costar Bruiser accompanied her at the special occasion. Cheering along in the audience was boyfriend Jim Toth and Reese’s parents, John and Betty Witherspoon.

The 34-year-old Walk the Line star recently opened up about her relationship with Toth: “I don’t want to disparage any of the other relationships that I’ve had that were meaningful and wonderful. But what I’m finding out is that it’s very comfortable to be with somebody who understands my career, but doesn’t do what I do.”

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Photo credit: Flynet / GSI Media / Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Reese. She is such a wonderful actress and the best role model for her children. Little Ava is really going from a cute little girl to a charming and beautiful young lady. Deacon looks so handsome in his jacket and tie.

    Adorable family. I kinda wish Ryan would’ve been there. Oh well, can have everything.

  • Emily

    Wow!! Ava is so pretty!! I’m used to seeing her in sweats and glasses, but she glams up very nicely. (And there is nothing wrong with sweats and glasses- I’m glad to see she and mom are down-to-earth, normal people when they’re not doing something special)

    LOVE Reese’s dress =)

  • Anonymous

    Look who has her children in the spotlight.

  • ivy.

    ava looks more like ryan here, she usually looks just like reese.

    • Susana

      I was thinking the same thing!!

      • Jennifer Redgrave

        This is exactly what I was thinking too. With glasses, she’s like Reese and without glasses like Ryan. Love them !

  • the girl

    Ava is growing up so fast and so beautifully! It is so good to see this family smiling and happy. It must be due to the nice break they have gotten recently from the paps.

  • Anonymous

    i agree ava does look a lot like her dad in one of those pics. as for reese i have nothing against her, but i’m starting to think she is really overrated as an actress. it’s almost like she’s trying to act now. she was good in walk the line. however, i just don’t think it was oscar worthy especially with felicity huffman being nominated for transamerica!

  • Sarah G.

    Ava looks positively stunning.

  • Anonymous

    reese witherspoon wears beautiful clothes – fantastic fit and always appropriate. Wonder if she has a stylist or chooses her own gear??!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Ava does look like Ryan in this picture.

  • antigoniem

    Anyone else think Ava looks like the girl from The City (can’t think of her name)?

  • Anonymous

    Good God, that girl is beautiful! She’s has nicer features than her mother i.e. no pointy chin.

  • andreea

    these are for sure the prettiest celebrity babies!!!!

  • JMO

    Ava and Deacon are getting so big and are so adorable!! I think Ava is a mini Reese but agree she looks like Ryan so much too!

  • Hannah.J

    Ava looks so different in this picture she is growing up so fast and looking more like her Mom.

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