Christina Aguilera Explains Why She Filed For Divorce

Christina Aguilera opens up on why she left her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, in an interview with People magazine.

“Things were so unhealthy and unhappy for both Jordan and me, I knew I had to end it,” she says. “I really didn’t want to hurt Jordan, and I felt torn about splitting our family up.”

Aguilera also says she felt it was in the best interest for their two-year-old son Max that they divorce.

She reveals, “When you’re unhappy in your marriage, your children are the ones who suffer. That’s the last thing I wanted for my son.”

Life is looking up again for the 29-year-old. She has a budding new romance with Matthew Rutler, a set assistant on Burlesque.

“He’s the kind of person you could spend hours with on the phone talking to and all of a sudden it’s daylight,” she gushed.

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  • Kim

    Shocking how starting a new romance on set will destroy your marriage. Oh, I bet they were ‘just friends’ on set (sure!) and she was so pure and innocent until the day she filed for divorce. To believe she did her family with Jordan a favor by leaving him is the epitome of delusion. Sure Christina, you did your son a favor with that one…keep believing that and parading around town with your face full of make-up clinging onto your new guy – great mom!

  • Janay

    We all don’t really know what went on in their relationship but i’m speaking in general. It seems to me that nobody is willing to work on their marriage anymore. What’s the point of getting married if it’s never death do us part. I just don’t get it.

  • Grace

    I’m not really sure why she feels the need to explain to us why she ended her marriage. It’s none of our business, and it’s a matter that should be kept private. If her son wants to know one day then she can sit down and explain it to him – but it doesn’t need to be explained to the world.

  • Anonymous

    she is so tacky! she also seems hedonistic in my opinion. i’ve never cared for her in any regards.

  • Anonymous

    Her husband already told the world why the marriage failed. He wanted her to stop picking up strange women in bars to bring home for you know what. Jordan was unhappy about that situation especially after Xtina gave birth. She put her own selfish desires above her son’s and husband’s.

  • Ondine

    She might be going through a time machine, in this photo looking very much like an early 1980’s pre-plastic surgery Courtney Love. How sad for her to dump a devoted husband and father to her baby for whatever reason. Heaven help that this selfish girl should stay in an unhappy marriage. And then to say broke up her family for her baby is even worse. She may as well give the baby to his father and start all over again w/ a new family w/ her new guy since she obviously only has her eyes on what is in her future.

  • Valerie Pie

    She’s a hoe… She’s a hoe… Teeny bopper needs to STFU. No one cares. You can’t act, you can sing but you’re LAME… You filing for divorce is the BEST thing that could ever happen to Jordan… Stupid girl

  • Brandi


  • Anonymous

    Life is looking up again for the 29-year-old. She has a budding new romance with Matthew Rutler, a set assistant on Burlesque.

    I love that sentence above! A “new romance” yeah like we are going to believe that. How long was she filming this movie? She has been having an affair with this guy from the start. Her marriage to Jordan wasn’t bad she just started sleeping with this guy and needed a way out. Any other excuse she gives is a cop out. If she wants to tell the world about why she is divorcing him why doesn’t she state the truth? She was having an affair and decided she wanted the other man not her husband… It won’t last and hopefully she will live to regret this. Celebrities do not take marriage seriously at all. Its like a day at the park for them. Most of them need some serious counseling!!

  • Brooke

    What a selfish twit.

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