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Catch up on the latest tweets from your favourite celeb parents!

@tristasutter Blakesley’s new favorite thing is getting massages from daddy…

@Kimzolciak Runnin crazy! Why is it I book 10 appts in 1 day so I have nothing 2 do 2morrow but then run around like a chicken w/ my head cut off 2day

@alydenisof What did taking Satyana to mini golf for the first time give us? A cute photo, a great day with friends & CHICKEN POX!!!!!!

@CindyCrawford Just finished volunteering in art and shopping at my daughter’s school’s book fair–I LOVE books! Now waiting in the carpool lane 🙂

@michellebranch Weird dream last night that John Lennon was alive! I saw him play acoustic in a teeny club. WTF?! All these jerks were talking over his set.

@KlassMyleene Just skidded into Avas ballet class. Had a ‘soft landing’ but the last shred of dignity childbirth didn’t take now well and truly gone.

@MellyJHart Ok today’s extreme gift will be a big donation of toys and clothes to a goodwill bin.

@NatalieGrant Can u tell I’m off the road, sitting at home & my kids are at preschool?! I had time to paint my nails. It’s the little things….

@peterfacinelli Start work tomorrow on Breaking Dawn… Looking forward to bring Carlisle back from the dead.

@ChrisCuomo A mom: “I’ve never been more insecure than I am about how I’m doing as a parent and what I’m doing to my kids.” Amen to that #parenting

@cash_warren Off to London. Can’t wait to see if the snow has made it as dysfunctional as rain does LA.

@CLMazza Finished filming Saved by the baby today! It has been so much fun! I can’t wait for you to see Gia’s birth! It’s beautiful!

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Blakesley is honestly one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. She’s so adorable!