Alyson Hannigan: Satyana Has The Chickenpox!

Poor baby!

Actress Alyson Hannigan Tweeted today that her adorable daughter Satyana, 1 1/2, has come down with a case of the chickenpox.

“What did taking Satyana to mini golf for the first time give us? A cute photo, a great day with friends & CHICKEN POX!!!!!!”

The How I Met Your Mother star added, “She’s being a real trooper. When she gets itchy she wiggles a lot. Could not be cuter!… But none of us have slept in two days.”

Alyson, Satyana and dad Alexis Denisof were spotted taking a trip to the doctor in Santa Monica, California today (December 2).

Wishing her a very speedy recovery!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Sarah G.

    Poor little thing! 🙁 But it’s better to get the Chicken Pox when you’re young. The older you are, the worse it is, and the more dangerous.

  • Jolene

    Better now than later..

  • dholmas

    Poor thing. Chicken Pox is not fun.

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    Poor Satyana !You’re right, it’s better to have now. I’ve already had, I was 11 months-old.
    But Alexis and Alyson will take care of her really well. And we’re all hoping to see her hanging around with mom soon (: My good wishes for her !

  • Jeri

    Oh, the poor thing. I hope the healing goes quickly and they can all get some sleep soon.

  • Toni

    I thought with the vaccine that came out about 15 years ago or so prevented children from getting chicken pox. My kids had it and the are teens now and to be honest I havent heard of a case of chicken pox since the started school. I wonder if this family is agaist getting shots

    • Lucia R

      First of all, while it is called a vaccine, that isn’t entirely correct. You can still definitely get chicken pox if you have had the vaccine. It just ends up with a milder case that is less contagious and lasts for a shorter period of time.

      Secondly, what is the point of a vaccine for an illness that is essentially harmless if you don’t have any other medical conditions? I completely understand getting it if you have medical issues that would cause it to be dangerous to get the chicken pox. But why expose kids to more chemicals when it is such a mild illness to begin with?

      • Anonymouse

        Because you would also be exposing the virus to adults, and it may not be completely harmless.

      • Anonymous

        While *usually* harmless, varicella (chicken pox) can cause serious injury and even death in a very unfortunate few. Plus, those infected can expose someone who is immunocompromised before they even exhibit sympyoms!

      • Anonymous

        Because you could expose a pregnant woman to them and chicken pox can kill or very badly damage a fetus.

  • JMO

    I believe you do not get the chicken pox vaccination until you are 2 years old.
    I don’t believe in the vaccination bc you can still get it and the older you get it can lead to shingles which is by far dangerous to have. Back when I was a kid everyone got chicken pox and guess what you survived!! A little itchy, not so much fun, but it was something you just dealt with!! It’s not fun though when it’s a baby so get well soon Satyana!

  • Danielle

    The US is the only place that has invented a vaccine for the chicken pox. In the U.K we don’t and most parents want their kids to get it young and hang out with other kids who have it.

  • Ashley

    I had chicken pox at that age, but I didn’t get them bad enough, so I ended up getting them again when I was about 8. Hopefully she gets better soon and never has to deal with the chicken pox again!

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